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How many rhymes I gotta write for yall
Spit fire and be enlightened yall
Drop a brand new album and reignite the raw
Me and Tommy back on the road, not even slightly flawed
It’s Super Cali’s umm, without the fragilistic fraudulent shit
Years on the niggas is actin different
I guess the fame I have from rap is slippin
My brother told me never ever react to bitches
And so I cannot, will not, won’t do what they do
Check the stacks on me, my legend is not a fable
While your publicist made you and soon you’ll be played dude
Plus you light weight, drink a cool one at the table with you
I wrote this rhyme in the cove all day
Fuck the black phase, hard work, yes poor J
Delta 9, shine wide, pull with their force propaganda
MHI, we on the rise

Kept my eyes on the prize, required the steady grind
Told my people we would make it one hand at a time
That was the mission, behind the spittin and now I’m trippin
Watchin it all take place and comin to finish it with yo
I hate a whack jam, the same way that Oprah Winfrey hate the inner city black man
That’s a real lie
You know she want all em killed all, whatever tho
Kick a flow, rock a show and get the dope peal off
Just like a classic caper of some sort, we stack the paper just for comfort
But that ain’t all that we come for
We duke west life, on the beat, sonic check real quick
The government be the boyfriend and sex
I’m Trek Life fact, service the rip rip rip
Put up yea yea, one two

compositores: Reginald Bruner,Menuk Wijethilake


Gravadora: Mello Music Group
Faixa: 1

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