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To get my mind off it, I keep my mind on it
Turn the beat up loud, and keep my mind going
But I ain't smoke no thang, it's just the rhyme flowing
It's just the beats banging, that got me hydrowing
On another plane, any time of day
All I really gotta do is just press play
In summertime, sunshine and in the rain
And make the world better, be around forever
You know the times that you didn't wanna smile
And that song came on to make your day worthwhile
You singing loud with your hands in the air
All them warm nights is like
You can make other wrongs right
Man I don't really give a damn about them womans in X styles
And I don't care if who or who got beef now
Yo bank account man that ain't my concern
Put on the needle and let the record turn y'all
Just the music

And yes, yes y'all, you don't stop
I give a damn about the drama and shit
Just keep the volume up to the tip
I want just the music
And yes, yes y'all, you don't stop
If you convince me with the fake non sense
Just keep the volume up to the tip
I want just the music

Walk in the record store, I’m used to being broke
They be like take me out to eat, I'm like, please nop
That new jam fin to drop it's bout to be dope
And I'm fin to cop and take in, every note
My heart prolly pump break beats at this point
You grab this stethoscope and be like that's the joint
Just turn it up and let your soul be free
Stuck in traffic, it really never mattered to me
As long as I got heat, then I'm Charlie Sheen
Straight winning till the ending and it's on repeat
Me I could fuss over four mats, but I'm like damn that
This final CD iTunes with Bandcamp
This set Pandora, it can even be a track,
You be like play that as long as it ain't whack
My love for this music goes so far way back
When I was just a kid, tryina dance like low jack
To sing like Prince and rap like K Man
Listen to Death Certificate, feeling the same as
Me in that predicament, that's why I'm still ripping this
So miss me with that silliness,
For real y'all just the music.


Gravadora: Mello Music Group
Faixa: 5

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