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Hello (Feat. GMK)

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H-E-double L-O
Another cast be more, it this scene I be DO
Put the story in reverse, my verse is Tarantino
All choked up, proceeds to clear throat
Eventually found some words about my code, so
The more you know, the less you understand
Telling her how I feel was the conflict, oh man
And telling her how truth would ruin a good chance
I wonder why crew would spoil a good dance
And whether you coulda can’t, that’s truth in where you stand
Eyes filled with gold, so covered in flannel blouse
Earrings, a short skirt and a purse I can’t pronounce
I got proud, yes, but never too proud
I wanna shop, wait, but not too loud
Smile so bright make a light
Have to think them tears is full of joy, started clogging up my sink
The practice to preach, the push, the reach
You see the time lines, updates and false speech
Yea, started calling the one and that’s when we played the game
Like the name of our first son

Should I tell er that I love her
That I believe in us, honesty and trust
Tone it down, I’m masculine, make me feel naked
Exposed to thought of rejection, hated
With a passion, which seems ironic
Cause I need more of that shit and she’s iconic
Man I need to fall back quick
I ain’t finna call back man, that’s it
I’d rather live with the idea we could’ve had the develior of half of it
It seems better to imagine it right
I am not giving in to fear
‘Cause at this very moment I need her right here
I pressed answer, all of this now is unclear
That’s where it get weird, hold up get yo lean back my man
And that’s the long and the short of it
A man who find women who’d do anything for him and call himself a pimp
Now how’s that for dumb shit
Whatever man, yo I’m off the subject, I’m out
You know what I’m sayin
Baby, I’m not out

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