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Hometown Foreigner

Trek Life

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Hey , what’s up my nigga?
Hey, I’ve seen you before dawg
Your name is Chuck Wive huh?
Okay yea, that’s what’s up man,
You know what I’m sayin?
I heard a couple of yo raps
Yea you dope, pretty cool
You know what I’m sayin?
Pretty cool cause I’m used to more of that, more of that rollercoaster
I think I’ll be more turnt up
My nigga got the CD’s over there where I keep the picture my nigga

I gave niggas free time and free verses
When it came back around they couldn’t return it
When you see em out now they need to be worshiped
Now that should answer about me workin
The hometown foreigner,
Been around for years, some people are still ignorin him
I don’t shed no tears, blame nobody for my problems
And if it’s all the same to you, I won’t be swallowing for followers, nah
Fake bitches kick rocks to you hobbling
Get your own, keep your own, homie that’s the modeling
Nigga what you drinkin on? Hit me in my goblet
Please yall, hold up your applaud before the hometown foreigner

You knida sound like one of them East Coast niggas homie
You can’t see my nigga Baby G didn’t stow nigga
My nigga hard my nigga

Let’s put em on stage and see who fresher then
In-between the truth and the lie, that’s where the message is
In-between you win and you fail – that’s where the lesson is
Tired of payin dues but on the real, who collectin em?
Bitch please, I rap beats like an equestrian
Been that way since Tony walked dance as a pedestrian
Ridin on the bus, trans been on the transic
Doing damage, every kip is tryina find some way to bust
That ain’t enough for all to K down, let me put in lameers
Fuck whoever you came with, none of yall can fade him
Bitches wanna be famous, I’m just tryina get paid then
Will you part tip for caking in? Andy Lane sayin
Job deadly, Talahasee to Italy
I’m about my rappin, blue jeans and equalities
I’m always reppin home, I’m a different breed
So take your pictures, say cheese for the hometown foreigner

Aye my nigga, what you bangin man?
Oh nigga you ain’t in there
You know what I’m sayin?
I thought you was from California my nigga

So is it TA all day?
Cuz some of yall seem to want CA your way
Yea, be cool man, it’s what they all say
When the timing is convenient, be around all the right people
To my folks up on the comeup – take a lesson and they lethal
Fuckin around with snakes is not a necessary evil
Cause folks keep you around bout as much as they will need you
Screamin fam this, homeboy that, never believe em
Man we gone on a midnight train to fame
A little cash, niggas will ask trash for change
This whole game I’ve been dealin this thing for lanes
You can hit me up all day, I’ll remain the same
Even with the bucks cash, federals, I’m keeping my decorament
Tearin down mics from Tarzan and in Sorensen
Made my dough without em, you promised us with bol
And you can like your love and hate it or ignore it, I’m the hometown foreigner

I don’t know my nigga, you kinda got the skanky look going on, you know what I’m sayin?
That ain’t swag my nigga, the bitches like tats and skinny jeans my nigga


Gravadora: Mello Music Group
Faixa: 4

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