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Name Game

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Ladies and gentlemen, rappers worldwide,
Welcome to the Name Game

Man, gather round, gather round
The funky new trend is taking over yo town
Not for real, for years been going down
It’s the Name Game, homie peep out the whole scout
Now we livin in the world where everybody knows somebody
And who know far aways who can flow?
Since I got time and no place to be
I’ll tell you how it spread throughout the industry
Me and live is at the Hollywood, Brown knows Jim right
Really ain’t my style but a fan gave the invite
Whole lot of frontin, little talent on this night
And then this bullshit emcee grab the mic
Had the whole latest fashion on, dressing the part
Co-signed by the latest big producer star
And do you know? After all that
The nigga played his record and his music was whack
Oh no...

It’s the Name Game
It’s the Name Game uh

Good Lord and hot damn
Does anybody in the crowd wanna be a fan?
I mean man, first it was the rappin
Now everyone’s a producer, everyone’s a manager
Microwave dreams, folks ain’t got the stamina to go for the long hall
They wanna blog, handing them grade A promotion like yea I know him
We used to hang out back then, we stay soakin
But what is that matter when your music ain’t dope?
And your business ain’t on point man, take it slower
This what I tried to tell er but they never listen
Tried to shop a deal off a mixtape trippin
Rap up in the label with a half ass picture
No buzz to speak on like they was on a mission
And do you know? After all that
They signed a 10$ whack ass contract
Oh no…

It’s the Name Game
It’s the Name Game

Thank you for playing the Name Game


Gravadora: Mello Music Group
Faixa: 13

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