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Eat More Chocolate

Trek Life

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People love to be in love
See I was reading this article the other day
And it was sayin that
The feeling of being in love can be duplicated by eating large amounts of chocolate
Now I know a lot of dudes out there that can’t stand they girl
And a lot of girls out there that fuss about they dude
So I think I found the solution
It’s eating your chocolate
You know what I’m sayin

He can’t keep his hands off other women
But he worried about his flag, that’s why he trippin
Got a ring on his hand, til death was the plan
But he still don’t understand how fowl we livin
Never notice who his actions really effect
His household and the woman that he neglect
She gained a lil weight, ain’t been the same since
Cool part about it, that weight came from his kids
He at the club going hard with his single friends
Text messagin his ex, tryna keep it here
On some don’t get caught shit
Just let your girl roll man, eat more chocolate
Just eat more chocolate

Damn, now look
I ain’t tryna play a hater or nothing like that man
Do what you gotta do
All I’m sayin is
I don’t see the point of all the drama
You know, you could just let your girl go
Smash as many broads as you want without having to worry about getting caught
And if you wanna feel the sensation of love
You know
Just eat a whole lot of chocolate
You know what I’m sayin
Haha, oh no, wuddup guy

Love him
She don’t even really like him
Every chance she get she knit pickin fight him
Publically you wouldn’t even know they were a item
From certain groups of friends she always try to hide him
I can’t understand why people settle for less than they want
And get mad when they ain’t getting more
And treat love like it’s some great metaphor
When it’s real simple, you either down with em all
You not and on the real that’s the pre-rec
He on his grind but she showin little respect
He break his back for her
But she regret not having a ball and living large off a million checks
Now she on Facebook reminiscin with her ex
That shit is dumb, you shoulda been left
Instead of complainin bout what he’s not, shit
Let the nigga roll, bitch, eat more chocolate
Just eat more chocolate, damn

Look, now the moral of the story is this
You ain’t gotta be with nobody
If you don’t like who you with or want more than you have
You ain’t gotta fuss about it all day
Just go and break up with him
Find yourself some happiness somewhere else
And if you need that feeling, that sensation of love late at night
Just go and grab yourself a Butterfinger or like a Snickers bar
You know what I’m sayin
Like a payday I guess
Black in mouth, black in mouth and you came to party
Wait is that chocolate in payday man
I don’t know man, whatever yall, peace


Gravadora: Mello Music Group
Faixa: 6

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