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Street Casualty

Trek Life

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The news called him another street casualty
Diss on a depth on a quest to live lavishly
Gang colors and clan hustlers be straight battling
Short term success text in the magistry
Stay in my ceelo’s the only way to go
These blacks was flooded far before the levis broke
Generations dodge, you think it’s getting old
Never, it’s all about cheddar, long as they getting dough
The grind don’t stop yall, I’m talkin bout black’s the news never show
Where fools get a roll
Even cops risk they lives if they ever go
Just let it be what it is, another nigga gone
It’s cold when the only way to make the Sunday paper is obituary columns come
Wrong way is the way to handle problems who shot em
Words came back, yea man they got him
Another street casualty, yea

The world called him another street casualty
Fuck a education, he don’t understand the value, please
New whips far too young, watch is shiny
He’s beatin up the block in his hood, watch pageantry
A little cash make you feel like you won the planet
Make the invisible feel invincible
What he’s forgetting – them boys with cannons
Waiting on a OG to get it goin and you could be gone
Google call it the soliloquy of chaos
I’m feelin like we so far gone we gonna stay lost
Beatin where your agenda won’t stay large
Where money gets exchanged even mayors paid off
City ordinates mane, I’mma stay block
And you the enemy, hunted like a stray dog
They shut your operation down, now ain’t boss
Like you up in chains lost, another street casualty

Damn, your mama house took, she’s a goner black
Conservative whites want they corner back
While you was blasting gats, acting fowl dude
High crime rate, know a property value
The billboards go up, cash for your home
It’s a formality dawg, this really is the own
Gentrification is a process in time holmes
One home at a time until you all gone
The setup was clean gave you weight to sell
Poor schools and minimal opportunities
You fell for the trap like a couple G
Luxury apartments for yapies, close to the beach
That used to be your street, remember
They tore down the church, your mother was a member
Put up the best spot, got rid of the liquor store
Never the same as before, another street casualty


Gravadora: Mello Music Group
Faixa: 8

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