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[Verse 1]
I got a corkscrew swag, they see me and get it popping
I wear their ass out and in the morning take ‘em shopping
Treat a ho so sweet, they get wit’ me, they spoilt rotten
They wanna be my baby, call me daddy -- no adoption
Shawty raw, ball, out at all costs
Hit the club twice as fly as anybody y'all saw
Training wheels on the hustle, I will never fall off
You can keep ya pussy baby, give me all jaw
I’m young dumb, cold as they come
Treat me like the drummer, give me some would ya hun’
Yeah I’m hung but I still get sprung with the tongue
Fuck her good all night, even the sun finna come

I’m on fire and ice cold
A black Benz, a white Rolls
Like loose women, and tight clothes
Say I’m the bomb bitch, I’m dynamite, pyro
(bow, bow, bow, bow, bow..)
I’m dynamite, pyro
(bow, bow, bow, bow, bow..)
I’m the bomb bitch, I’m dynamite, pyro

[Verse 2]
Rock a bad bitch, you with me, whats they name? who cares?
Treat ‘em like Twix, keep'em coming in pairs
Go insane in that pussy but I never go fair
Debonair, so rare shawty it ain't even fair
Everywhere you see I be, I get that don’t handle my B.I
Money small thing to a giant, Eli
G4 flying, I don’t ever see the kiosk
I take a nigga little bitch and buy her a little Prius, yes
They ain't on fire like we is
Certified flyer, recognize us where you see us
Take no shit, no how, no way
We TNT C4, Okaaay


[Verse 3]
Party at the presidential, if you with it, lets get it
No matter where you live, I’m the hottest in your city
They talking ’bout they balling and their flossing but I live it
I sit her in that Phantom, get her out that Honda Civic
In the VIP I’m chillin’, everythang ice cold
Black chicks, Latin bitches, Asian broads, white hoes
Fuck wit’ hoes who like hoes, only if they tight though
Purse game insane, shoe game pyscho
Black on black, credit card on deck
And a Black Maybach on the Boulevard
V.S.'s in the chain, filled wit’ clear stones
Hero as I can be, H.N.I.C., I'm gone!


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