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G' Shit (feat. Young Jeezy & WatchTheDuck)


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[Verse 1 - T.I.:]
I'm a rich nigga like I don't know
I can change if I wanna, but I won't though
Steer right even when I'm on the wrong road
Real talk from the heart what I'm known for
Skinny jeans, I don't do those
I'm the starter sub-par oughta shoot for
Fully automatic chopper, you could shoot though
Now I'm movin' five mil' when I shoot dough
Audemar, Hublot
One point five on the two-do'
Old hustle, new flow
Old money, new ho
Suckers prayin' I'ma chill, but I'm too cold
Long as I'm around, fuck they need you for?
Ridin' in the Chevy totin' three bricks
Since nobody wanna make G shit

[Hook - Watch The Duck:]
This is for the gangsters, for the pimps and hoes
This is for the dopeboy trappers sellin' halves and hoes
(Since nobody wanna make G shit)
They want G shit, give it to 'em
They want G shit, give it to 'em
I'm the one to give it to 'em

[Verse 2 - T.I.:]
If you don't know me let me tell you somethin', shawty
Still got them choppers, make you run from it
Camouflage, dog tag
Got 'em followin', when you see me better haul ass
Keep it G at all costs, what you call that?
Crack rock, hip hop, I done all that
Certified trap nigga, sucker, fall back
A broke nigga he may entertain all that
All left field, keep it true, nigga
Save the flash in the dance for a new nigga
Keep speakin' for the ones who ain't got a voice
Kill 'em dead only when they leave no other choice
How I see it, if you ain't down to die 'bout it
Don't write my time, slime, why the fuck we talking about it?
Still ridin' in the Chevy totin' three bricks
Since nobody wanna make G shit


[Verse 3 - Jeezy:]
Now what the fuck is an ounce? We smokin' bout an LB
We don't even do the nine, sell it by the whole ki
And I'ma take this shit to trial, they got nothin' on me
They be on the Champagne, bitch, I'm 'bout to OD
Got a bag full of birds and motherfuckers gettin' robbed
Bars on the trap doors got it looking like a vault
Used to hit the highway over twenty of them things
Young nigga hit the club with the twenty unchanged
When Jay was beefin' with Nas I was sellin' cocaine
When Game was beefin' with 50 I was doin' the same thing
I was at the hospital, nigga, Meechy got shot
Fuck you niggas talking 'bout? I love that nigga like Pac


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