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You niggas ain't raw
I don't buy none a that bullshit you tellin' me
King you'll never be, I can see you niggas ain't raw
Hell naw, give a damn who you go and get
Real niggas know it we can notice that you niggas ain't raw
Even know now you 'posed to be down with so and so
Still the same lame from a year ago, I know you ain't raw
You ain't graduated with the gladiators, you just practice for the young assassinators
You know you ain't raw
Fuck that shit you tellin' us
I know you ain't shit as us
You ain't no competitor, that shit there ain't scarin' us
You bought ya self a slaughterin' a coffin's what you headed for
You ain't wanna die well nigga what you pull a weapon for?
Just cause we the niggas all of yo hoe bitches checkin' for
and ain't nobody real niggas rather hear instead of us
You ain't out shinin us, you ain't out sellin' us
A lot of niggas do it don't nobody do it well as us
Hater wanna flex with us
Let em get vested up
Hit em with the choppa chest and up, bet I wet cha up
Let cha partna get cha up, ain't nobody catchin' us
But this some shit I'm bound to receive a lethal injection for
King of the whole thing, fuck whoever steppin' up
Give a damn whoever behind him, care about who catchin' up
Long as I'm alive the second best you have to settle for
Come on now you really think you betta, bruh
I got 44's glowing on a boat just goin'
This bitch, his bitch, and yo bitch blowin'
Young pimpin' get dough like his last name Cohen
My fan base spread and the shit kept growing
that what got me getting head in the vessel
of the G4 again hook a hustle up with investors
now there he go again
Twenty million later I guessin' it finally soakin' in
unless you just a hater who mad at me cause he broke again
Sellin' all his jewelry considerin' sellin' dope again
cuz he was ballin' out of control and posed to be focusin'
Wanna be the king by default they hopin' for openin'
Pray the see the day they hear me say I never flow again
But au contraire I guarantee one year after another they'll suffer as long as I'm here
Fear no man alive I don't care, you don't run shit nigga be clear
[Chorus 2x]


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