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Hey, hey, hey, hahahaha
Aight Toomp man, this what the folkes been waitin on I guess,
That's right
Let's give it to 'em baby
Grand Hustle nigga,
Aye man they been waitin on this shit since "What You Know" huh?
It's the king bitch
Aight my nigga, the wait is over nigga
Hey, hey

[Verse 1]
One for da money, two for da show dawg,
Three for the niggas hatin' on da low, ya'll
know a picture worth a million words I'ma show ya'll
Death before da son, a family before all
Witout da braids I'm da closest thing to O-Dawg
Minus the testimony,
Say it ain't so, homie!
Shawty like that, don't he?
World hopped off my jock, I got him right back on it
Step back brush myself off,
Pick business back up, right where I left off,
I can show my dope, dat other guy just talk,
Aye, where I live just as big as yo projects, dog
Aye, haha
Better check my swagga
How I walk, how I talk, how I stack dat chedda,
What I drive, how I dress, nigga looks just betta,
Hundred stacks on that nigga I'm just...Betta
Somebody better tell 'em mayne
They swag owe my swag everything
Very plain to see you study me awful hard
To the point that my swag need a bodyguard
I'd like to thnik to thank you cuz uhh ya'll oughta be
Havin' ya'll swags sendin mines an apology
A lot of little mes, I see, got beef
But what's the possibility, stop, see, you not me
Hardly work for hella beams,
Step up to the guillotine
Get decapitated,
Don't see how half you rappas made it
Say good...bye to the fame and the fortune
Say la vi
What the game need with you, nigga? They got me
I ride through the city so clean,
Seat really low, auto-mo
billies, so pretty, but I'm illy tho
No comparison
Ain't a nigga mo' thorough than this gangsta american
Flow, dope or da heroin,
King like Evalyn,
Champaigne mayne
So durranged and buligerant
Ranked up there with Benjamin
Who? Andre 3K, B.I.G., Jay-Z, UGK, Scarface, Machievelli the great,
Wayne, Common, Kanye and
So f**k what you say
You welcome to ask who you made,
Bet they say as of today,
I'm back on top like a toupe
All objections overruled
It's overdue both high,
and sober too, I'm so high
up over you,
Same guy you see in the streets it's as fly as here in the booth,
So don't be surprised when you meet me to see that I'm really the truth,
So uncoof
Nigga, who want proof?
Must agree that shit idea,
Can't no one undo,
I stay on my 1,2
Nigga who want 2?
Turn a brunch into a brawl,
Do what you gon' do,
I'm wired
Hot as a bitch and still,
Cool as a fridge and dear,
This year I'm on a mission dear,
Think that was somethin'? Listen here...

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