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Yeah (feat. Lil Wayne)


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[Chorus: T.I.]
All the whips on 4's
And my wrist so froze
Ain't no problem with these hoes
They don't never say no

All they sayin'
I keep 'em sayin'
Hey they be sayin'
We got 'em sayin'

And all my clicks so cold
And my pockets so swole
And we bet a hundred more
I don't never say no

All I say is
Say bet I'm sayin'
Say what I'm sayin'
You know I'm sayin'

[Verse 1: T.I.]
I'm ridin' through the city blowin' purple on a saturday
See the APTP when you got to put the gat away
See them nigga comin' let it blow like Donald Hathaway
In the SLR's all the doors open that way
Supermodel, movie star, the stripper, brawds after me
Nigga try to battle me but all they do is rattle me
I ask them man what happenin' I'm laughin while they chattering
I'm bustin' they be scattering you know you lookin' at a king
Super clean in a new drop stuntin'
Nigga talk shit but it ain't bout nothin'
You'll get your ass kicked if your mouth keep runnin'
Keep talk slick bout the sound we comin'
Say what u want but this is how we run it
Niggas still tryna ball out we done it
My wrist so bright and my neck so shiny
When I tell her lets go she don't back up from me

[Chorus: T.I.]

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Yeah, I'm me like a motherfucker
Flyer than a vampire lookin' for a blood sucker
I keep these hoes on E like a four runner
Man I could throw a 100 g's till my stone runner
Get a couple of philly's and some waters for these hoes stomach
I keep 'em rollin like no brakes up in that four runner
I don't stop I'm on the clock like the smallest hands
They look for me I move the bass up out that marching band
That ain't a coffee can, nigga that 400 grands
I keep the block jumpin', just call me bunny man
T make a blunt look like a arm without a fuckin' hand
T break a pound straight down like a bucket man
You could get it harder or get it lighter than a summer tan
The section leader over the stove like a drummer man
B-R-R-At-At-Tat, whip it up just like that
But if a nigga fuck with me wrong then its B-R-R-At-At-At-Tat

[Chorus: Lil Wayne]
I like my whip so old
And my top better fold
And I party with these hoes
They don't never say no

All I say is
I keep 'em sayin'
You know they sayin'
Ya dig

You know my click so bold
All of 'em don't slow
Niggas shot never broke
They don't never say no

You need that work
We got that work
You need that work
We got that work
Ya dig

[Verse 3: T.I. & Lil Wayne]
I'm in a drop 6,4 low low
When a hoe get hit no slow mo
5 mil on the tour no promo
I'm at the pussy niggas house no homo
(No homo, they slut like Tony Romo
So fuck them and fuck you too now go tell that to bono)
They hoes know she loves when I shoot my two
22's on the coupe I cruise
Sucka niggas tryna my mood
They do what they can I do what I choose
(I get these hoes the blues
Just call me BB King
If they can't feel the monster
How can they see the King)

[Chorus: T.I.]


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Faixa: 5

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