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Once Upon a Time


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Once upon a time in the apartments, aye
I damn near had to smoke a J
He knocked on the door, what's haapnin'
Its Jimmy Jam trying to score a little packet frame?(2x)

I said the work that we was cooking wasn't dry yet
But he could have the residue from the Pyrex
He say, he had some niggas with him worth a hundred plus
But the niggas up the street was servin' touch and bust

I told him "Wait a minute it was all good"
That when I seen a nigga hoppin' out the Fleetwood
With gold teeth talking about he want a whole ki'
Right then I'm thinking: "do this motherfucker know me?"

He was with a nigga who wouldn't even buy an oz
That's when I said he's either robbing or the police
Either way I slammed the door in his face
Started gathering and collecting all the blow in the place

Went and got the dough out of the safe and .44 and a K
Whatever he is trying I ain't tripping cause we know where he stays
About 150 grand, three birds in a knapsack
Stashed it in my neighbor's trash then I ran back

I had to keep the tool just in case though
If these niggas make a move you already know
With the Desert Eagle in my waistband
I slung the front door open and hollered "Jimmy Jam!

"What's up with that nigga that you roll with?
In the fake chains and the flea market outfit."
He said "Now Tip you know I wouldn't try you."
I said "Cause if you do he gets killed and you die, too."

He said "He ain't like that he used to sell weight
Started smoking he embarrassed now he's trying to save face"
The conversation was interrupted again
When this country nigga pulled 'bout twenty bands out of his pants

He said "I'm in the right place, this enough, ain't it?"
I said "Hell yeah, if you trying to donate it
Shit that get you locked up, I don't sell blow."
Then he said "I heard you had it?"
I said "Yeah, so?"

I guess that nigga Boogie from a couple doors down saw his money
Run up said "I got it for the low now."
I'm thinking: "Boogie stupid he don't even know brah
He just always wants to take a nigga's customa."

This one he could have
I said "I guess that's your man, then."
I was smoking laughing at his ass
When they ran in

They said Boogie had a quarter mil, over twenty bricks
Shit all I know is I ain't seen that nigga since
Keep yo' head on the swivel for the nonsense
Everyday is something when you're trapping in apartments


Gravadora: H Gang
Faixa: 7

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