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Here We Go Again


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[Timbaland talking:]
Tip, Tip, Tip, it's Timbo.
I mean what this I hear.. you doin a mixtape..
my nigga but if you gon do it remember that ?track? we started on?
You, you, you go ahead and put that on there.
Sez you wanna do a damn mixtape.. you put that on there.
Timbo to ?Kizznick?

(Hey!) Yeah here we go again (here we go),
I know they hate to see us walkin through the door again (door like) (hide your hoes nigga) [x2]
We got your hoe bitch rockin, everybody just jockin,
niggas know they can't stop it so they stand round watchin and shit.
Your bitch she watchin me too, hey you can't stop her from choosing -
I'm way hotter than you, I'm way hotter than you.

[Verse 1:]
Hey, Tip and Timbaland back up on they shit again got your bitch attention cos' I'm cooler than a ceiling fan.
Hey listen man respect my G and I can be a gentleman, or else know all I have before and shit for me to get again.
Different day and maxed out, creepin up on ?s-got?.
Theres gon be trouble if I get hot so try me boy, you best not.
Just part of my ?spottem?, ask whats happenin' theres a problem?
They say I can't have no pistols but them blades I got em'.
Catch em necktight colombian for stuntin like a dummy when confronted wit a ?gun and men?
Excuse me come again?
I thought not better turn around and get to walkin out before this shit get ugly have you and your buddy chalked out like yeah, yeah...


[Verse 2:]
Hey get your mind right. Stay up out my limelight before I have to do it for ya bro now what that sound like?
No threats just promises, better use your common sense or face the consequences, repercussions and the punishments.
Hey evidently you forgot you dealing wit a parliament, king like Solomon and forces zero tolerance
but disrespect or go against the G-code flex and jack consider this your warning.
Dare a god to learn a lesson, kick the ?messit? when I'm in the club stay up out my section.
If you're lookin for your chick well you'll more likely get ejected specially if she half naked and she choosin on the crew.
Grand Hustle in the building, nigga you know what it do like, like yeah...


[Verse 3:]
We hit the dough bullet swag, wonderin where the pussy at.
Me and the bitches wonder bro, what happen, what ya lookin at?
You better change your eyeline fo' we get it crackin holme fed case or not PNC we about that action.
Hi-it the dough bullet swag wonderin where the pussy at,
me and the bitches bro, what happen, what ya lookin' at?
You better change your eyeline fo' we get it crackin holme fed case or not PNC we about that action flashin like, like yeah.


compositores: Michael A. Gomez, Earl Simmons


Gravadora: H Gang
Faixa: 8

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