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Ain't Gonna See It Coming


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Hey, jumped off the porch, with one thing on my mind
Find a way to make a fortune, and keep from doing time
I accomplished one of those, but the other nevermind
And stay away from scary niggas, they'll kill you every time
Think I'm trippin' see, 8 ball, MJ, Lil Jon
Hummed off in that pussy lean and then they tryin' kill some
She workin' on the pipe like this way she pay her bill from
Cuz them other cats she fucked just fill it up a lil some
2 things I don't like: A bitch who can't shut up and one who wanna stay the night
Whatchu say you playin' right?
You been hit the blunt and tell Uber to meet you at the light, hoe
Back to where you came from, that's just how the dice roll
Uncle Quentin, man they raised me don't take shit from anyone
Sold extortions off the lit, TIP you won't get a penny from
Bet 10 to 1, bet you won't reach my level of success 'fore my kids are grown
I'm gettin' topped off in a Thunderbird
I guess you can call that some ThunderDome
Huh, yeah
And I'm already off of whatever you on, bitch
Aye I'm king of whatever man let it be known
I don't give a damn bout you making no song
You better watch what you say in your song
'Fore you see what happen when faking go wrong
Say you gon' overthrow me, what's taking so long?
I been kicking back patiently waiting for someone to write on my cave
No I'm not that old nigga think that he run it, and talkin' bout what he did back in the day
Oh no
I'm just a viscious as ever, i'm brilliant and clever and still 'bout that action today
Oh no
You can't compete in the league that I play in, learn from Jimmy Henchmen and rapping like Jay
And how can I say it, I lead the generation who lasted the one with bandanas and running in the traphouse, police we sat crack in their face
My presence suggest, i have tats in my face
And my reputation ain't nothing to play with, you owe me some money, suggest that you pay it, or that double dbarrel I'mma build on your head
I'm thinking you might tesarone what I did, but you gon' be dead
How you gon' say it, dead man don't talk thought you'd do it
You can scream from the grave but we don't wanna hear it
All i hear what the Bankroll said, I stay booted up so I can't go dead
Nigga fuck that cage, let that thang go fair, what the fuck your mind on if it ain't on bread
And i stay poured up, Ac' on deck i don't drink no [?]
In my suite bad bitches link up, got 'em in the bedroom can't go to bed
Ain't no games shawty know how i play it
I don't wanna [?] shawty you ain't got to say it
If you can't see now [?]


Gravadora: King Inc.
Faixa: 2

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