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Drunk In Love (Feat. Christina Milian)

Lil Wayne

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[Bridge 1: Lil Wayne]
I woke up in that pussy and starting stroking
You woke up and said "Go baby"
She said "Fuck me hard, don't take it easy on me
Don't do me no favors"
No neighbors
Pussy like water, got no smell ain't got no flavor
She treat the tip of my dick like a waitress
She doing tricks on my dick cause I'm a skater

[Verse 1: Christina Milian]
We've been drinkin' and they've been talkin'
But we ain't worried, we just look the other way
It's time to roll up and get it started
It's bout that time I've been feenin' all day
I want you right now
Right in the skate park, riding on your skateboard
You, right now
We drunk in love
I wanna do it all night, we won't stop
Got me feeling like Aaliyah when you make my boat rock
Baby be my leader, tell me how you want it papi
How you want it papi? How you want it?

[Hook: Christina Milian] (x2)
We gon' be fuckin' all night
We ain't makin' love
We ain't makin' love
So you gon' watch me what, what, what, drop it like it's hot
I'ma what, what, what, drop it like it's hot

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Hol' up, throw that, throw that pussy girl
Throw that, throw that pussy
Got you walkin' crooked, lookin' drunk as Uncle Woody
Hol' up, I don't even drink, I just be on that drank
I just be on that dank and wide awake like I ain't
So I'ma wear that ass out all night
You get hard dick all day, pussy always tight
And warmer than The North Face
Ooh talkin' crazy, dick gon' have you walkin' crazy
Round this bitch lookin' handicapped
At least you'll get good parking spaces
Look at things on the bright side
Hit that ass from the right side
I'ma fuck the shit out ya, no more Mr. nice guy
Ooh girl, you gon' get this dick, we don't do romance
She ride the dick so fast, like look ma, no hands
Oh, I'ma pull her hair, I don't care if it ain't her hair
I'ma paint her pussy lips white, white like Dave Chappelle
You gon' suck your finger, after you play with yourself
I'm like fuck all that singing you about to yell

[Hook] (x2)

[Bridge 2: Lil Wayne]
I woke up in that pussy and starting stroking
You woke up and said "Go baby"
She said fuck me rough, don't take it easy on me
Don't do me no favors
No neighbors
Fuck you so hard you turn around like goodness gracious
You ask for this and you know I accommodate ya
She doing tricks on my dick cause I'm a skater

[Verse 3: Christina Milian]
And that purp mixed with that Sprite
My body high and we gettin' right with that swisha, hit that lgiht
Boy no speakin', we freakin'
Play around with my boy toy
He slidin' through that half pipe while I'm ridin' on that skate board
Skate board, skate board
Ridin' on that, grindin' grindin' on that
(Hol' up)
He surfin' all that, he surfin' all that hood hood
I'm ridin' on that, twerkin' on that good good

[Hook] (x2)

[Outro: Lil Wayne]
And this that sorry
This that, you won't be sorry
No you won't be sorry
Thank you for your patience
This that sorry 4 the wait 2
You won't be sorry no you won't be sorry
This that sorry 4 the wait 2
And I thank you for your patience, yeah

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