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I can't fuck with ho niggas, I can't trust these hoes neither
Wake up early in the mornin', eat that pussy like cold pizza
Hatin' ass niggas be baller blocking, actin' like some goalkeepers
There's a reason for everything, but my niggas kill for no reason
Camo shorts with a ho-beater, all-black hoodie, I'm Grim Reaper
Look like it's time for spring cleaning
Brand-new spanking streetsweeper
Been in the game, I'm knee deeper
I like good head, I like good reefer
All my niggas strapped and ready to set it off, Queen Latifah
Got a chopper with a drum, split Swishers with my thumb
Get money like Donald Trump, double-barrel on that pump
This kush I got ain't no chump, get stupid and get stomped
Two guns, I call 'em Kriss Kross, Kriss Kross'll make you jump
Gotta do what a nigga gotta do
Got goons, I ain't even gotta shoot
Got a bunch of bad bitches by the pool, I like my bitches in twos
Gotta go, I stick it and move, G-code, I stick to the rules
Last night I got so high I swear to God I went to the moon
I'm on that shit you can't get nowhere
You pussy boy, don't go there
If I don't do nothing I'mma ball, no hair
Smoking on that "Oh yeah," my niggas tote that hardware
What you 'bout, whoadie? My niggas 'bout that warfare
Real nigga since day one 'cause I ain't promised day two
Throw that pussy at me, bitch, I think I'm Babe Ruth
Droptop Maybach on the way, yeah, that's that new Landaulet
She let me into her jungle, I'm gonna hit her with that rattlesnake
Guns clap like patty-cake, Blood gang red bandana face
Make them pussies pop they self, you can call that "masturbate"
I don't front, don't fabricate, I get high, I gravitate
Weezy F. Baby, bitch, the "F" is for Fascinate
Louisiana, I'm from that swamp, I'ma pull this bitch out and dump
Better run like Forrest Gump, fuck you and where you from
Three, Two, I am the One, job well done
I ball 24/7, 3-6-5, twelve months
What's up Redbone? What's up Caramel?
Come to Wayne's World, it's a fairy tale
Yeah I'm high, bitch; bitch, I parasail
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Gravadora: Young Money Records, Inc.
Faixa: 12

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