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Dana texted me and said she wanted to see me
Then sent a picture of her in the mirror
No clothes on, of course and she want that dope dick
Hello, world, I'm the dope dealer
I love it when she talk crazy
That dick make her walk crazy
That last time was awesome
All the lines, we crossed them
I ain't a killer but don't push me
I OJ Simpsoned that pussy
Yeah, that's the shit
Pussy taste so good, make you smack your lips
I don't know about you, but I'm a beast with mine
She said she waiting for the Carter 69
I told her "Sorry 4 The Wait"
I value her time like an Audemars-Piguet
And we gonna stay current like the water in the lake
Yeah, we gon' fuck around like we fucking in a circle
Pardon the slur, that's the purple
It feels so real like it's virtual
Any kind of position, she's versatile
And she take it every way except personal
Yeah that's my bitch
Pussy wetter than a wishing well, I wish
I was in it right now instead of making this song
Hut one, hut two, I run it in the end zone
Don't trip when I say I can't see ya
And she say she working on her career
Smoke got our eyes looking like we from Korea
We floating but I'mma rock the boat like Aaliyah
RIP, shorty got me
Shorty knows I fucks with her, hardbody
Shorty fine by me, Spend some time by me
It's a jungle out there, come and climb my tree
I know what's on your mind, fine
We can do whatever that is
She tell me that it's mine, I said, "Fine"
Shit, I was taught to live and let live
So live it up baby, giddy-up baby
It's your world, ain't trying to interrupt
But maybe we moving too fast
But fuck it, let's crash
One day we gonna have to leave our love in the past
But for now I feel lovely, I feel great
I slide in: safe
Yeah, yeah, all that good shit
No, I ain't a player, I just play it by the bullshit
And I know what I'm doing, she loves how I do it
She throw that ass back and she never over-do it
She call me "baby" and I call her "bae"
Sorry for the wait, Carter 4 on the way!
August 29th...


Gravadora: Young Money Records, Inc.
Faixa: 9

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