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Project Bitch

Lil Wayne

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This is for Deshawn, Eshlawn, Lil Mama and her friends
Lisa, Teresa, Maria, Tia, Lia and Kim
I love y'all broads, no disrespect to my dogs
But I love y'all broads, yea I love y'all broads

To the ladies havin' babies without no drama
To my niggas with figgas say I love my baby momma
I bought them shoes, them tattoos, and even fixed yo breasts
I put you inside the flyest rides an even put a S on yo' chest

This is for the ones who wobbled it an be puttin' they mouth on it
An they suck everything out of it then they catch it and swallow it
I'm Lil Weezy for sheezy, I'm off the heezy believe me
See me, I squeeze in between it and then I leave it so greasy

When I come through in a Rolls Royce, leave them with no choice
But to hop up in it and just let me make they throat moist
Ruby red an vodka it just carry a nigga
Give me three minutes, maybe four, she be wantin' to marry a nigga

Give me a project, bitch
Give me a hoodrat chick
One that don't give a fuck
An say she took that dick

My momma send me by my grandma, my grandma flipped out
And said we ain't gone have no evil in this house
So I rolled out, scoped me out an sold out
But I fucked up when I started livin' up in this hoes house

Nigga started fuckin' one of the broads
'Cause she was suckin a nigga dick so good keepin' it hard
Lettin' a nigga cum all over her chest and tongue
She was still-un, I spared her because her children

She was a hoe she gave me head behind a building
Ain't sellin' records but her mouth could sell a million
If you wanna take it there we can break it off
'Cause y'all pussy ain't gotta nigga tweakin' at all

I slang this dick summer winter spring an the fall
Ask me to lay it down I'm bringin' it all
I'm tryin to hit ya from the back to ya house
'Cause lord this mothrfuckin' dick good and it always be hard

Give me a project, bitch
Give me a hoodrat chick
One that don't give a fuck
An say she took that dick

Look, a nigga could catch me r'd up
Them white folks know the code so we g'd up
An my Range Rover 4 door be d'd up
Tattoos and new cars and these project cuts

Got this nigga, bitch, I know been wantin' to fuck
I deal with sluts ladies an bitches don't give a fuck
Project bosses Weezy say respect us
Bitch nigga find me in the 4 door Lexus

I got a bitch shoot dice an a bitch that ain't right
I got a bitch who will front ya work an take ya life
I got a credit card hoe, a scam type hoe, a fraud type hoe
Like to snort that dope, a dick suckin' pro

A calico hoe, a real solid bitch out Chicago
I got a brat type bitch like to whine an shit
I got a project bitch like to start some shit

Give me a project, bitch
Give me a hoodrat chick
One that don't give a fuck
And say she took that dick

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