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Broke Up

Lil Wayne

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No Ceilings, motherfucker

Nice tires on the 'Ghini, you should wanna king me
Brain-dead flow: vegetable, zucchini
I live on the beach, she walk around in her bikini
Girls are like school, and I cut ‘em like seniors
I’m here to distinguish the bears from the penguins
Life is just a gap—get some money in between it
Glocks like police, pumps like Finas
This beat getting totaled, Pam, Keisha, Kima
Sitting on the world, thinking 'bout a girl
Pistol on my side, paint you like a mural
Digged in my pocket, pulled out a party
Be cool 'fore you get stomped and pulled out the party
Hollygrove shit, I'm on my Hollygrove shit
Looking for a bad bitch, I give her dinosaur dick
Big, bad flow Weezy, fuck the polices
Church, like a choir and a couple of old priests
Elevator in my crib 'cause it's five floors
I'm not expecting you to have one inside yours
Vince Young, suicide doors
Life’s a bitch; now, die for her

I have the type of flow niggas don’t have to like
My rhymes is ambidextrous so I don’t have to write
(Oh you ain't know?)
The way I’m eating niggas wish they had my appetite
Straight up out of Texas and I’m major like Applewhite
I pour four then I hit the exit door ('Bout to)
Take a trip to Macy’s cop the whole second floor (Gimme that)
Whores smell the scent of money coming out my pores (Smell it?)
Yeah my pockets full of dead people like a morgue, boy (Haha)
I made it from a flyer to the Forbes (See me?)
Young Elvis Freshley, yes, he flyer than a stork (Damn)
Dropping babies off in your chick's cheek (Ugh), kicks neat (Fresh)
Got your son looking up to me like I’m 6 feet (Haha)
Your daughter need someone to save her (What?), not me (Nah)
I’m knocking hoes down like Laila (Who?) Ali (Yeah)
Try me and I'ma put the toaster to your kidney (Uh-huh)
Then I pull off in a Bentley, top open like a chimney (Goddamn!)
Yeah, it’s No Ceilings, like a coliseum (No Ceilings)
Candy slab, paint dripping like gonorrhea (That's nasty)
The way I'm leaning, I'mma nod if I stand still (Hold up)
Flow harder than an anvil, Short

OK, it's Gudda, ho! All about my Bills like Buffalo
Your bitch under my sheets, I heard she was an undercover ho
Purple got me moving slow, like I’m in a snail race
Pop-pop-pop, three shots to the head, then I pick up my shell case
Leave 'em with a pale face, yes, I am a Young Money goon
Your girl like a motion picture, she gon’ be coming soon
I do her something rude, I pop her like balloons
I pass her off to Millz, then drop her off to Tune
Couple screws loose, you don't want to play with him
This is No Ceilings, bitch, roofless like a stadium
We shut down every fucking spot these bitches see us in
You want us in your club? Well, nigga, pay us then
All-grey BM, I’m getting it for my baby M
She told me get the money and count it for me when I rake it in
Don’t play no games, ho, you know my name, ho
G-U-D-D-A, propane flow


Gravadora: Republic Records
Faixa: 4

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