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Up Up and Away

Lil Wayne

ouvir : conectando
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Up Up And Away
Up Up And Away
Up Up And Away

I’m about to go up up and away
in-your in-your mouth
Watch what you say
You sweet as pie a muffin and cake
Girl open her mouth, ? on her face
Live for the night, sleep in the day
Ya high, sleep, sleep it away
I am a dog, you should sleep the gate
How sweet is the taste
Gun to ya head, what ya peep gonna say
Weezy, beep beep beep in the space
Floating away like a leaf in the lake
I’m gon like the lead in a race
Talk that thing, I walk that thing
Pills, weed, all that, b-b-bad bad
I’ma call that
Call that shit
Hm, what they talking about
I go hard they soft as a couch
I’m running them in and walking them out
Cars so cold I park in the house
Flows so raw, this beat is pregnant
Flow so tight, it’s yeast infected
Kill ‘em all when they least expect it
Money talk, Lisa Leslie, YMCMB connection
Rappers is what I eat for breakfast
Run up in my sheets
If she aint ? she can exit

Gun tucked in the waist
I buss in ya face
I aint got nothing to say
but up up and away

Up up and away, up up and away
Man I’m so high, I come down in a couple of days
Up up and away, up up and away
Man I’m so high, I come down in a couple of days

Weezy, where ya going? Up
You’re going a little bit too far
Up up and away
In in ya mouth, watch what you say

This is just a snippet so far.
I will update when the full version drops.

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