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Pale Blue Dot

Bliss n Eso

ouvir : conectando
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[Verse 1: Bliss]
When I lift off, I blast right through the clouds and up through the atmosphere
And I hit space, and I look back, and I peer at the massive sphere
Our home, a beautiful island in the vacuum, as I blaze the way
Through the solar system
One voyager alone, 6 billion km away
And from here earth looks like a pale blue dot in the vast enveloping cosmic dark
And suddenly the problems of our world fall apart with the conscious spark
That our similarities far outweigh our differences, we see how connected life is
Like the moment of clarity is what this image is, nothing puts things in perspective like this
I embark, new freedoms, the stars and truth lead us
The positive vibes that charge my nucleus
Every step, every breath, every life, every death
Every age, every act, empire and collapse
What we know, our beliefs, ideas, every dream
It's everything we think in our minds
The entire history of mankind in time, summed up by that dot in the blink of an eye, I fly


[Verse 2: Eso]
The arrival, was survival, positivity was power
We cracked the concrete, to deliver you those flowers
Now that day has wings, and you can run on air
With a hope, if we spoke, there was someone there
Now I owe it to you to give back what you gave us
Cuz the fact is, you practically saved us
From being trapped in a cage, to prove my mum right, Max will be famous
But the cash couldn't change us, we're just thankful our passion can make bucks
Yeah, and with my fam right behind me, I can hang glide through lightning
Motherfucker I told you I tango, with a gang, of the chain like Django
In-flight, at a height you could touch an eclipse
Cloud 9's got nothing on this
And what a view of the atlas, out here playing pool with the planets
That's right, it's all love 'round here
Cuz we don't give a fuck 'bout fear, tell 'em



Gravadora: ILLUSIVE
Faixa: 2

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