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I Feel Free

Bliss n Eso

ouvir : conectando
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Just the other day, you walked into my life.
And now every time I see you look away, I feel a change.
My body starts to shift and shake,
the strings to my heart start to break, and everybody looks the same.
And I feel free, oo, I feel free. I feel free, cause you're not lookin at me.

Holdin onto memories like holdin close to handlebars.

Yeah, the lone bus go with no coin in the hat to pay the rent.
Music's the only thing that's makin sense.
And he sits there all day, hopin you'll hear it.
With his eyes closed he opens his spirit.
He's focused and fearless once spoken his lyrics.
Like pain in the rain, you wouldn't notice a tear drip.
A simple story of a girl and a guy,
so watch what happens when their worlds collide.

It was yesterday, I went walking alone.
Out of the corner of my eye there you were,
starin deep into my soul. Life is different just a day ago,
because now I see who's in control.
And I feel free, oo, I feel free.
I feel free, because you're looking at me.

The true artist is forever together,
nothin can kill his dream.
Cause with or without her he'd always be free.
Strummin his heart strings, striking chords.
Every moment's a choice like sliding doors.
Here we roll from home, but love was here though.
And love's the stuff that don't just appear-o.
It wouldn't be worth it without his mates.
He wouldn't have learned shit without mistakes.

And I feel free, oo, I feel free.
I feel free, cause you're not lookin at me.


Gravadora: ILLUSIVE
Faixa: 16

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