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If my head is a jungle, I sow the seeds of
positive thought to grow the trees into
fruitful groceries for my heart and my mind and my soul to feed.
Kill the doubt, smoke the weeds,
then it's full steam ahead on the open seas.
A place where I think and see lateral,
the free radical, dreams magical.

Sittin on my canopy, with a sunset stain mine that burns bright burgandy.
The universe is in all of us, the spark in the dark that can surge my circuitry.
Brainstorm and out breaks a whirlwind. I'm surgin, the soundscape is Merlin.
Feel life in the blood, sit back and buzz. Live, laugh, and love.

You're head is a jungle, jungle. [x3]

My head's a jungle with a view of earth,
and I didn't really know what to do at first.
Every thought is a seed so I used the dirt
and let it grow til it opened a universe.
Now I bring to life, whatever I imagine.
Eyes open, you're headin for a labyrinth.
Fields of flowers, trees to the heavens,
and to win the war we won't need any weapons.

Free in thought, cosmic bliss,
the speed of life through the forest mist.
Airborn, no stoppin the dream
when my tummy's gettin tickled by the top of the trees.
It's a breath of life, and a burning rose,
that's where I start my journey and return to home.
Your imagination is a head trip,
so enjoy the ride, it's the best whip.

You're head is a jungle, jungle. [x3]

You're head is a jungle, jungle. [x3]


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