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Bomb Like Banksy

Bliss n Eso

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I want it, and they need it
I stay on it, it's no secret
So I talk to you through telekinesis
Then bomb like Banksy, you better believe it (x2)

See I did it for you, I did it for myself
I did it for the crew and when we did it, it was felt
Being phoney is the only fucking image that'll sell
In a room full of mirrors, taking pictures of yourself
So I hit 'em with the belt like Pootie Tang
Tell 'em pull your finger out and introduce my gang
MC's, art freaks, DJ's, dreamers
Storytellers, trippers that preach that freedom
Smokers, painters, lovers of the music
Your fam, your clan, the hustle for improvement
The lights, the mics, the roof's on fire
Set that stage ablaze and Krush Grooves all night
I'm that little bugger with a boom box banging
If ya can't hang, better move on Madam
Cuz every moment is honestly magic
Like South Park writers at the Oscars on acid


As a kid, shit, I'd like to challenge what my limit is
And with that pencil, used to draw a lot of images
Now I draw on the mental with the pencil,
But it's the words it writes that serve to paint what the picture is
The lyricist and art is like autumn, is fall
So these songs are like the drawings that we bomb on the wall
Catch the array spray in Jonathan's view mode
Breaking out this island like it's Robinson Crusoe
Blue ocean hungy, rock spots, and bungee
Then we're back again, it's like hopscotch with countries
My crew's n the move in 1 jet, we're flying
With my sights set on that sunset horizon
Sipping sake with Mr Miyagi
Dropping crane kicking, knock you out, wisdom of Gandhi
Facing my fears head on, so I'm into the fray
When it's black and I'm white it's like the end of The Grey, let it play



Gravadora: ILLUSIVE
Faixa: 14

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