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To the kingdom of all creatures, you have risen spirit soar.
Don't turn back now, hear the sages. It is time to reach the goal.

Yeah, yeah, yo, back in this bitch I'ma kick the door down.
Down right dirty like shit in your mouth, nah, just pullin your leg.
And all that shit talk, mate, I'ma put it to rest.
Yes, you know what this is, hip-hop and new-o linguistics.
I'm real, I don't rap for the dough.
Tell it to a friend, bitch, act like you know.
I'm a dedicated motherfucker livin my dream and
I'ma keep them comin like I'm flickin their bean.
Set the kitchen ablaze then take to the stage like Ricky Gervais.
Tell it like it is in a world gone mad,
I'll paint the town red like a girl on rags.
Got three blunts like tree trunks, you know who it is.

Big macka, doin the do, with an open mind and beautiful view.
I said mate, chick right there is rough as rugby, stand back I'ma fuck this pussy.
If you want it I got it, and since you need it, let's get it.
I got a chainsaw wrapped around a baseball bat. I said, "Bitch."

Do the hoo-hah, hoo-yah. You know what it is.
My coop flies blue skies, on them southern dames, like oo-hah, woo-hah.
My eye glides up the jungle of my mind like, "Bitch don't kill my high, bye."

And that black bat, out the cave like Gotham.
Change my lane when I aim my conscience. Move from rap, I was raised by Compton.
Put him in a cage, make a name like Bronson.
It's all gold when summer hits autumn, this my trip and there's nothin this awesome.
And they call us sayin build ships or Bill Hicks, hold this engage from Hunter S Thompson.
Caution, Jonathan's mind's like a spaceship.
Tryin to hide from the pryin eye of the Matrix.

I've lost my marbles, hell it's fun though.
I left my knowledge in El Segundo.

Boo-yah, I don't have time for the hoo-ha.
Martin massaging my ears like woosah, hoo-ha.
I've got you all in check when I bust a rhyme up on the set with a jaw cracker.
Bob smacker, with his hunger in built to life I saw it after.
The best thing I've ever had like any movie star, been chewin on a wall cracker.
Shit it's all after.

And right now I'm more ready than I've ever been.
It's a zoo I'm ready to see some elephants.
Shit, the wolf pack is back on the map with
a crew of cats riding a semi full of pelicans.

Do the hoo-hah, hoo-yah. You know what it is.
My coop flies blue skies, on them southern dames, like hoo-hah, hoo-yah.
My eye glides up the jungle of my mind like bitch don't kill my high, bye.


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