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What You Know About It

Petey Pablo

ouvir : conectando
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[Verse 1]
Hail to the king, high on the throne
Who the hell is this, answer the phone
Turn his ass back around, close my door
Get the hell up outta here, leave me alone
I'm the man round here, fuck what you heard
You looking at a kid that aint scead to dirty
This little knotty head nigga been thirsty
Just enough sugar fo, for one cup of kool-aid
I've been all the way, I mean all the all the way down
But looking at this nigga now I never could've told it
And I don't blame 50 Cent dawg turned the game around
The same thang I'm bou tto do now put this in ya mouth

International, to worldwide
What you know about it, what you know about it
Banana peels, watermelon rhymes
What you know about it, what you know about it
Eveythang I did, for the dirty south
What you know about it, what you know about it
International, to worldwide
What you know about it, what you know about it

[Verse 2]
Just when you thought that I had put back on my clothes
Look at here, there he is, flyin out the side door
Time to rock & roll, bought a bag of dominoes
Bet it up, set it up (uh ha ha, what be at the time)
North Carolina, ba-ba-back out on the road
Used to push 22's now I'm on them 24's
A lot of shit done changed, since a Range Rover
Couldn't turn them burgers over, cause the flame got too high on him
Made it a little slower for folks in them paddle boats
I might have a little motor but mines been worked on
Carefully took them two preachers and let em prayed on
Told me I can do anything that I put my name on


[Verse 3]
Every breath that I take, move that I make
Song that I sang, been fo these states
The eyes in my face, hold so much pain
And seen so much hate, I'm shamed to even say it
But thangs they done changed through GOD and his grace
My folks and they faith, these hearts that don't break
The dirt roads they laid, have just been paved
By state my claim, and stand my name
Cross the top of the tallest wall up
Rock for my prison niggas cuz I done been crossed up
Locked up, cuz I made a wrong turn ,but guess what
I took it as a lesson learned

[Chorus - 2X]


Gravadora: Jive
Faixa: 12

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