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Test Of My Faith

Petey Pablo

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Petey here
I wanna tell im dead broke and im bout to go crazy
Half a tank of gas, two ciggaretts
Scrapping up change in the ashtray
Then the voices its only a test of my faith
It was only

Damn theres a song for that nigga down south
That i was tellin y'all about yo check this nigga shit out
Memba that song i told you came on sounding like
He was talking about everything in my life
How he was at a point in his own
And the problem seemed to be taking a toll
He been fightin so long
Seemed like everything he did went wrong
But he found the strenghth to keep on going
And wrote songs about it later on
I know this shit hit me home
Especially when he was talikin about the money he owed
How he took the bills and paid a little somethin on each one
Like he'd put somethin on his light bill, somethin on his phone
He'd get lil money in here he paid a lil more
He aint have it all so he just paid what he could on it
And somehow he managed to keep all this stuff going
It was nothin but a grace to the lord
Carolina i remeber an i was

Dead broke and bout to go crazy
Half a tank of gas, two ciggaretts
Scrapping up change in the ashtray
And the voices its was only a test of my faith
It was only

Say it seemed like every time he got himself off the ground
Somethin would come and knock him right back down
Sometimed he wanted to lay on out for the count
Frustrated and tired but he got up anyhow
And with a smile i'm talking about
It makes ya ask yourself how he could then he broke down and said
I aint never been this happy in my life, aint got a dime more than i had
But everything seems allright, then they said he went low
Having a joy of a piece of mind, meant more than any problem i had
At a time, and now i know and i'm so glad
It was only a sign of the time
It was only asking me why should i cry
It was only saying be glad your alive today
It was only (only) a test of my faith

Man he went and sang that song
Play this shit every morning just to get my little day goin
You just dont know how this had touched my soul
To find out i wasnt the only one that been through so
Allmost that exact same something it eased me up
Knew what it was just couldn't put iy in words
I aint never been the type that really talk to nobody
So all the problem i had i just kept it all inside me
Y'all had enough of your own to worry bout
Not the little situation i had going on
But yano god wont let you suffer to long
I aint even have the radio on i was out on the porch
Then boom! from the heavens above
Just when i was at that point and i was just about to mess up
Man buddah played a song for me cuz
I just shook my head like uh uh uh uh

[chorus to end]


Gravadora: Jive
Faixa: 15

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