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Truth About Me

Petey Pablo

ouvir : conectando
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Ayo cuz
When y'all tellin folk... about my life
I don't want y'all to add nothing
I don't want y'all to take nothing away
I want y'all to play that thang
Just like this here...
Ya heard me

Since the tender age (since the tender age)
I been running wild (I been running wild)
I seen all those things (all those things)
You don't show to a child
It wasn't love I was missing (lord knows)
My folks cared for me
I had a stubborn ass attitude (did what I wanna do)
And y'all couldn't talk to me
Tried often the strait and narrow
But every time I would stumble and fall
Fell so hard one time I fucked around and stayed down
I don't wanna try no more
I was getting a little older
Those mistakes were a part of my life
And my only regret is that I only get one chance to get it right

And I wanna tell the world the truth about me [2x]
(listen to the song...)

I caused more unnecessary stress to my mama than the word allow
Old sister of mine
I had once upon a time
We ain't spoke in a while
Life's been hard on me
But I found a way to keep standing it
And holding on (holding on)
Pressing on (good God almighty)
Standing in jail someday I'll break the monotony
Cause Petey wasn't doing that well
And I can behold a way that the world christened me
... If anybody give a damn to know
What really went on in my life I wrote a song

[voice talking]
It is now gallow time
All inmates are asked to get on your assigned bunks and
Remain there until count time is made....count time...
Olden... (yeah)
Williams... (here)
Monroe... (yo)
Durant... (here)
Pablo... Pablo.....

Man I was just one of the ones
That always wounded up in the midst of something
Stayed in trouble if I won't fuckin' up
I love ( I love) to bring the pain
Growing up in Greenville, North Carolina outside of Rocky Mount
I'm a be on the winning side
When this whole life decide to give me just a little money
You can sell it bootleg just as long as you can get it
Whatever...just understand me



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Faixa: 16

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