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Roll Off

Petey Pablo

ouvir : conectando
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I said..... I said..... I said cuz they told me cuz they told me cuz they told me(chorus) Why sould I worry bout what people say when they gonna talk about me anyways they gonna make up all sorta things so i
just got to be the bigger man and let it roll off talk dont bother me i believe in me if no body else does jus let it roll off jus like the water on the feather of a dove's back yeah.

(Verse 1)Ya'll probably wouldnt want me so much if i was out there behind
closed doors i was what they called caught up. still indulging in drugs livin reckless and taken advantge of all i worked so damn hard for really needed help but afraid to ask lonely deprresed or jus needed someone there on the verge of given up paranoid scared im totally over lookin how much i've been blessed i could understand what you say they said and most of all why they said it an i jus nod my head (roll)when your wrong your wrong i'll admitt it i'll confess to anything if i did it but these trails of unnesscary lies i dont get it how can you find enjoyment in my buissness ya know what forget it talk my nigga if you wasn't talkin bout me i'd probably miss it.

Petey doin this,petey doin that i seen petey here but what he doin there?Why you dont come an ask it aint gonna make me mad i respect that more then you doin it like you have lieing to my family scarin them to death why you cant be a man and talk to me yourself sure i might flash back lose it or tackle your ass or i could be a man about it and talk an clear the air but you wont ever know that cuz you wont take the chance what that mean your missin somthin in the croch of your pants(ha ha)sometimes you make me laugh cuz sometimes the storys be so outrages i cant say nothin but damn.but my momma told me somethin and i aint never forgot it if they praise my precious fathers heavenly name then who am i to complain?


go ahead i dont care stop get away from here leave me alone (leave me alone)
leave me alone (leave me alone) (x2)


Gravadora: Jive
Faixa: 14

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