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Get Me Out Of Jail

Petey Pablo

ouvir : conectando
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You have the right to remain silent
Anything you say can and will be used against you
In this court of music
If you give up that right
You have a right to an attorney
If you cannot afford one
One will be appointed to you by the state

Could you get me out of jail?
(You can't be serious right? You playin' right?)
Could you get me out of jail?
(Man I aint even done nothin')
Could you get me out of jail?
(Aye look, aye somebody get my cell phone. Aye get my cell phone.)
Could you get me out of jail?
(I can't use my phone? Aw dats some bullshit)
Could you get me out of jail?

I think I had a little too much to drink cause
I was in the club wit my homeboys
Standin there talking to my homegurl
Next thing I know I'm in some handcuffs
Then I got blood on my t-shirt (t-shirt)
I don't even know what the hell I done
I don't even remember even bein that drunk
All I remember is standin in the parkin lot
And everbody tellin me to hush
I see an ambulance pull up
And then I see a fire truck
And then I see another ambulance pull up
And I'm like what the fuck
Why's everybody lookin at me
And why they pointin at me
And why the hell did yall get the police
It don't bother me (it don't bother me)

Could you get me out of jail?
(Aye Shawty my momma if she aint home...)
Could you get me out of jail?
(Call my sister. Tell her to call Rudy, he da bail bond)
Could you get me out of jail?
(Man look tell them to put the house on the ???.)
Could you get me out of jail?
(I don't even know what the hell im bein charged wit. Aye what im bein charged wit?)
Could you get me out of jail?
Yep Yep Yep Yep
Hotel hoppin wit a hot thang poppin her thang on top of da bed (bed bed)
She had hair hung down from her head to her neck to back
To the crack of her skyeah yeah.
Everythang was fine
Well it seemed fine the whole time
Me and her was in it together
We did a lil bit of this
Lil bit of that
Lil bit of mhm
Lil bit of yeah (yeah)
Ready to go
Tell her it was time to go
[hold on] She was actin like she aint want to leave and shit
I got a girlfriend
And im like a daddy to her kid
And I gotta go home to them (trippin)
She left and I left
But as soon as I left
I get pulled over by a goddamn cop
Said I done rape somebody
(Rape Somebody?!)
Yeah get down in the car.

Could you get me out of jail?
(Shawty im a rapper man. I am not a basketball player)
Could you get me out of jail?
(Man this some bullshit, man this some Kobe Bryant shit.)
Could you get me out of jail?
(Man she came here willingly.)
Could you get me out of jail?
(Man I even got pictures on my cellphone)
Could you get me out of jail?

Sittin in this mothafuckin okay
Around with ??? and oldheads(?)
Playin a lil checkers and chess man
Tryna get my mind of the bullshit
Waitin on this mean ass ???
To get my paperwork together
Shoulda been outta here so
Where the hells my bullshit?
One o' clock
Two o' clock
Three o' clock
Shift done change
Where the hell yall goin?
They finna take me to change my clothes and
Put me in dat loud ass jumpsuit orange
Hell nall
Lemme make a phone call
Please yall
Don't do me like this now yall
Oh lord
What the hell is wrong yall?
My sister got a ??? on her telephone.

Could you get me out of jail? [x5]

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