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If you do not give a fuck
Punch that nigga in his face
I said, if you do not give a fuck
Punch that nigga in his face
Now stomp that nigga
Stomp that nigga on the floor
(Stomp that nigga
Now stomp that nigga on the floor) X3
Stomp that nigga

[Verse 1: Hodgy Beats]
I'm hitting nigga with right hooks they drop
While sipping some expensive scotch
Hold a soda for posers and crooked cops
Fuck a pig, bitch, word to my muslim pops
Flying to the east coast, hit all my Brooklyn shops
Smoke and loiter while you bending blocks
And your ? don't get clapped by the pushing pop
I don't club a lot but know it's an issue when the DJ music stops
I'm ? or die finna roll up and rock your socks nigga
La-di-da in the party I'm popping shots nigga
Not talking Glocks but just shorty's all on my knots nigga
Take her after party and she's gargling cause you not with her
I'm cutting and sewing hoes, we model swap scissors
I'm cutting and sewing flows for you hip-hop hipsters
And them lame hating bros that claim they not listeners
Web-browsing and downloading you fucking shoplifter
Let me catch you stealing my shit, bitch, I'mma lock with ya'

Nigga guard yo' face! X8

[Verse 2: Domo Genesis]
I'm hittin niggas with that uppercut
And I don't give a motherfuck
I'm in this bitch like 'what the fuck is up?'
I ain't care for my lungs enough
Some say that I be fucking up
But I'm just trying to keep my numbers up
I'm trying to see more
Flow as grimey as BMore
That purple kush got a nigga thought process as slow as Eeyore
I'm oversea money if it ain't sunny I'm on ?
I'm most wanted dummy if you catch me and you get a reward
I show you how it look when they got no option for stopping you
My minds trapped with this conjugal, fucking the world is possible
Used to lust the game, but the busted bitch is a prostitute
But fuck it I need the gwap in my wallet I'm a poppa too
Mr. Smoke A Lot Of Pot-ty mouth, popping like an ollie
I be OG bobby mobbing with the shotty out
Clean your lobby out
Bitching acting snobby, I be rocking in your hotties mouth





Gravadora: Odd Future
Faixa: 9

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