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Get'n Drunk


ouvir : conectando
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[Verse 1: Hodgy Beats]
Eh, this is where I turn up
I sin and break down the mary jane and then I burn her
She ain't nothing but a ho, pass it to my left, Turner
Domo hit the roach and got sentence for murder
Ha-ha, I just laugh like a nigga fresh out
I'm glad to be out, now a motherfucker can eat out
Laying in a cell make a nigga want to breach out
Family outside the gates hoping to connect and reach out
? seas at a beach house, how to sound through a collect call
Paid my ? dues, man you can collect all
And it's coming from children who walk through project halls
Hallowed through lifes course without the present chances of a wise choice
Why we carry them nines, boy?
Why we hitting out wives, boy?
We ruining our lives, boy
The truth beneath them lies, boy
I take everything for this
Lucky I can pay for it or somebody else will
I had arranged for it or somebody else will
It ain't the liquor on my breath, chill
It's how a nigga in the flesh feel
Pop a bottle for the people like me
Young with a lot of ambition and angry
Can't a nigga change me like a plain tee
I'm the nigga you can't see, I'm on the plane, see?

[Hook: Hodgy Beats]
We'll be in the club (Ah)
Nigga catch me on the block (Oh)
Fairfax and Oakwood rolling up (Oh)
Sipping on the finest alcohol (Oh)
I'm grown enough, I'm grown enough (Uh)
Pour me up Bitch, pour me up (Mellow high!)
I'm getting drunk 'til I pass out
I'm getting drunk 'til I pass out

[Verse 2: Domo Genesis]
Fuck all you niggas and you hating hoes
Under the influence, bitch, and I'mma stay below
Let you wanna see the future, said it take too long
I'm right here motherfucker what you waiting on
Can't give a fuck, take dreams and reality and mix them up
Can't no nigga rattle me I'm mint as fuck
'Til they take the soul out of my I'm getting bucks
You little senseless fuck
Roll me up and get medicated
Fucked your bitch now I'm meditating
I make a brain storm that's a ?
I'm a nigga on his way if that's any indication
Back when niggas ain't have shit
I used to have dreams of being mad rich
Wouldn't give up all these materials
Fucking investments when all my cash spent
Fuck your thoughts, keep them to yourself
Your two cents never seemed to make me shit
Stay getting blazed, I remain in my phase
Nigga stay in your lanes while I make these hits

Ahh, Mellow High X3




Gravadora: Odd Future
Faixa: 8

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