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It's all me, I'mma kill 'em no problem
110 degrees, watch me sizzle don't bother
Please, Bet you give up to me
?, anything left to compete, ? slaughter
Puffin' the best pot
Fucked in the head lock
Thumb in yo Ex Box, She suck it like Xpac
Son is the next Pac
Naw nigga, I'm the new me
A lot of niggas talking, but that shit don't really move me
Ready or not, I'm in your spot like the Fugees
Shit is real bitch, not that shit you see in the movie
I rumble for the money if I'm willing and able
I rap like I see my last meal on the table
I'm back on my grizzy, wings spread like an angel
Ain't Safe tho, I got a couple cracks in my halo
Pack loud, call that muthafucka Master Chief
Down for my muthafuckas like Master P
If you're looking for the revolution, ask for me
Pass the tree, and watch me Hulk smash the beat
Ask for beef, don't end up as a causality
You rappers weak
You see me, better ask for peace
Couple hundred Wolf niggas that will thrash for me
Now the whole world wanna smoke hash with me
Said bitch, I'm A God, no blasphemy
Now the whole world wanna smoke hash with me

Blow one in the air
In the air
Blow one in the air
In the air
In the air
In the air
In the air
In the air

Bitch ass niggas don't be smoking, nigga
We be smoking hella blunts over here, nigga
OF, Trash Wang, turn up
Fuck everybody nigga
Imma buy everybody from OF AK-47s
Watch us, nigga
(pow, pow, pow)

I don't fuck with niggas too fast to speak
All you muthafuckas too fashion week
I be working hard like an athlete
Cry a nigga a flooded river down the saddest creek
Oh, you mad it's me?
You should be glad it's me
Shit, I'm a fucking MC
Your fucking raps are weak
And if you suckas tempt me, I'm pointing out pipsqueaks
Knocking on your fucking door for beats like Memph Bleek
Dear Summer, Dear Summer, I know its hard
And I ain't working in the office
My nigga, my life is awesome
Constantly facing depression since childhood
Life was also surrounded by my morals
My nigga, this karma's corny
And my peoples doing great
And the outcome is greater
Since you niggas talking God
Ain't nobody gonna save ya
I'm your muthafucking savior
Renegade angel like I'm Xavier
Blow one in the air
(I spit in yo face)



Gravadora: Odd Future
Faixa: 2

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