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Wolf Gang
Wolf Gang

Yeah, nightmares on the pillow
And that's for sleeping on me
That's right, it's me, myself, and lonely
Bitch, I fuck with me only
I'm coming from the bottom where a nigga can't get up
When I was a child, my momma and poppa split up
Nigga left me to die
But muthafucka I live up
Kill a nigger on the track
He in the river like Melissa
Welcome to the show, I'll be the host
Smoke that
I'm getting fucked at the night, the bottles is on me
And at the end of the night I'll be playing them oldies
I need a banker, My reefer’s tapered
I'm getting paper
Nigga fuck a hater
Middle finger up
Nigga I don't give a fuck
I don't give a fuck
Nigga, try me

Can't nobody hold me down
Can't nobody hold me down

I'ma do what I want
How I want, when I like
If it's wrong, if it's right
Can't nobody hold me down, nigga (4X)

I'm a fuckin expert at drinking champagne 'til my fucking head hurt
You better than me, I'll be fucking dead first
I'm player of the year to you fucking red shirts
Doms focused on increasing his net worth
You niggas Twitter watching all caught in the network
Saying I wasn't ill bitch
Niggas got it backward like the lid on Fred Durst
Catch Doms when he not out of town
Big bad wolf, blow an ounce down
Wanna talk shit, better get it out now
Or save that shit for later, I'mma be around
Never leave a nigga, fuck the critics
I'm quoting my lyrics while I'm fucking bitches
And don't tell me ain't nobody fucking with it
The bandwagon rolling, don't fucking miss it

Can't nobody hold me down
Can't nobody hold me down (2X)

I'ma do what I want
How I want, when I like
If it's wrong, if it's right
Can't nobody hold me down, nigga (4X)

Can't nobody keep me away from my dreams
Can't nobody tell me it's nothing when it is what it seems
Two middle ups for fuckers on the internet stream
Who kicking up a lot of dust
You musn't be living clean
You ain't living your life
You're watching it
While I'm yelling at balloons
Trying to get it popping, bitch
My goals are wrapped around my head
Like they fucking stocking fits
Hodgy Beats, the optimist
No rocks, just whips
Take shots, don't sit
Don't drink, don't drive, only stop to piss
I'm in a race for the lead
Never stop to piss
These niggas hating on me but what you gwapping, bitch?
These women chasing on me but I forget them tits
I'm writing another story in my notebook
And this one is open casket
Nigga, don't look


Gravadora: Odd Future
Faixa: 5

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