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We sat at the edge of your bed
Tears were falling from the bottom of your chin
I sat there speechless
As you begged for me to say something, say anything
or get up and leave

But something kept me around
I just couldn't bare the thought of letting you hit the ground

Cause it's you
And it's me
And I don't believe in much but your brave enough to see
That I'm here for you through everything
If your not strong enough to stand swear I'll lift you so you can
But until then just take my hand cause this is not the end

It was overcast
I saw the streetlights shining back at me
Off of soaking wet streets
And I didn't have my mind made up as I walked to your apartment
I was busy keeping score on which of us was hurting more
And I just couldn't bare the thought of walking out that door

You left your watch on my nightstand
I can't help but to think
That it's ticking to the time that I'll see you again
And make everything make sense

Cause it's you and me
It's not everything we thought it'd be
I don't believe in much but it's brave enough

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