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Heavy Things

Badge Of Honor

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You’re a wreck, and everybody knows it
You’re obsessed with the thought of getting undressed
go ahead, stain your teeth
on another glass of bitter red
I’ll sit back and watch instead
just how you’ll make a fool of yourself again

You wear your shame like a badge of honor
no matter where you go, I know that you’re falling apart
and then you’ll burst at the seams from the feelings you can’t cheat
and even though it’s all your fault I’ll still say that I’m sorry

You don’t know where to go, but you won’t go home
Feeling sorry for yourself is all you ever do
I’ll put my thoughts down in a verse
You grab the lip gloss from your purse
find yourself inside a bottle once again
drink yourself under the table
slip into someone else’s bed
never met, but here you are trying to justify your sins
and I can’t believe what I’m seeing
You’re so rehearsed like this is your passion

That you needed more of everything that no one would ever give to you
So lay your penance down
cause this is not the only version of yourself

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