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I'm a broke down car in an alleyway that never made it where it was needed
I just sit and rust while I lose my faith in everything
I just sit in the side streets and dream about sitting around a flame
With my Dad, his Dad, and both his brothers
and the things they'd say to me
I hope they'd be proud of me even though I'm not
Cause even with their half of blood I'm still not fit to lose everyone I got
What do I have that you want

I found God on the way back from your funeral
I left him alone on the side of the road on the drive home
I hope he knows it's personal
Cause I can't let this go
I'll never let this go

I spent the night in a parking lot
Cried my weights worth in tears
Thinking of all the time I missed with the people I lost in the last five years
Is this growing up?
Carry the weight on your shoulders
Is this growing up?
or my own private hell

I don't believe in God but I hope there is one to take care of everyone I lost who did
And maybe some day I won't finally blame my lack of faith for all my pain
Cause I can't find the white gates

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