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Heavy Things

Sleep Sound

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When I lie awake
I replay all the sounds it used to make
When I hear your car door slam and how the walls would shake
I wonder what's in your head as you drive away

But I can't fall asleep upset at you like I know you can
I'm sure you can

I'm counting hours in the night to the seconds that you keep me awake
Measure any distance I can find that's keeping you away from me
And if it's not obvious by now that I need you around
Take my word, cause without you I can't sleep sound

I lie alone
In my bedroom it's always so cold
But I can't get up and can't figure it out
What it is you get jealous about with me
I can't seem to read the difference between what's real and a mood swing

You're falling asleep without me
You're falling asleep

I'm sure it's hard to be the only thing that's breaking my seasonal depression
I'm insane to throw you away cause it's you that keeps me safe

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