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Where You Been


ouvir : conectando
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Ayo dog, where you been? (Lookin up right there)
When you gon hit a skin? (It's already there)
Ayo the game really needs you (So I go harder)
And when they say "yo fuck that nigga", then I'm start a...
War, it just might turn out to be (WHAT)
Six months, motherfuckin record spree
Cats disrespected what it means to rap
Went away, made a few moves and came right back to trap
That's how you do bitch niggas
Straight out the hood, right up to rich niggas
None of y'all cats is out of touch
I could reach all of y'all and it don't take much
Every party we do, we gon bring at least ten
Robbery dudes, all make robbery moves
To these dudes, the robbery is food
Nigga don't want to wait, come on dog, pass the plate
How the fuck you gon talk about crew, hold up
Whatever I rep, the whole fuckin world throw up
Slow up or get put down, shut down
I puttin my foot down, it is what it is, baby, what now
Whooo, all you cats is builts for nothin but frontin
Stop the bluffin, for real, you now want nothin
Niggas don't want no parts of Free
And you don't want a motherfuckin thing from me
E-N-D up in the emergency
The urgency to break niggas down with
Cause you know, out the gates, I'm not to be fucked around with, nigga

[DMX] (Freeway)
What we gon do is (What we gon do is)
Party (We gon party)
What we gon do is (Rock all my crew)
We came to party

What we gon do is
We all came to get down
Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun

I been out on the block, soon as it drops
So I'm gon spit harder, and if you yell... I'ma start some
Shit from the rip, I'ma bring out the pump
Make them blow up and crunch when I air out the clique
They dont want it with the Roc-A-Fella pitbull
Sick, so I carry and I will bury your clique bitch
It's the frontline of X
I'm two-steppin, got my weapon and the extra nine
And you get wet if you over step the line
And oh yeah, call the doctor while I find the vet
You little niggas better eat your vegetables
Get your weight up, be back out to bless y'all
Me and Dark Man got it mapped out
My nick name Hawk Man, don't get your face cut
Countin scars and gon get your place rushed
From me and my nation, with my gun glow in the dark man
You hear and see and hear what its sparks man
Free is here, my strong man, give up your safe, buck
Yup, so fuck what you heard
He can't see me in the battle cause I battle with the burner
And I know you wanna battle, cock back the burner
And I let a nigga have it with the rat-tat-tat
And if I'm askin to battle and
He try to battle Free and he gave em what he wanted
With a shot to the stomach, if his crew got a problem
We can shoot it out, midnight to the morning hour

[DMX] (Freeway)
What we gon do is (What we gon do is)
Party (We gon party)
What we gon do is (Rock with my crew)
We cam to party

What we gon do is
We all came to get down
Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun
(Repeat till fade)

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