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Who We Be


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Uh yeah anutha one of those
This is for my nigga Q
Down to earth joint (rest in peace baby)
There's so many that don't know

They don't know (This goes out to my nigga Q)
Who We Be (Rest in peace baby)
They don't know
Who We Be

What they don't know is
The bullshit
The drama
The guns
The armor
The city
The farmer
The babies
The mama
The projects
The drugs
The children
The thugs
The tears
The hugs
The love
The slugs
The funerals
The wakes
The churches
The coffins
The heart broken mothers
It happens
To often
The problems
The things
We used to solve em
The Bronx
The hurt
The pain
The dirt
The rain
The jerk
The fame
The work
The game
The friends
The foes
The Benz
The hoes
The studios to shows
Comes and it goes
The jealousy
The envy
The phoney
The friendly
The one that gave me slugs
The one that put em in me
The snakes
The grass
Too long
Too see
The lawnmower
Right next
To the tree

They don't know
Who We Be
They don't know
Who We Be
They don't know
Who We Be
They don't know
Who We Be

What we seein is
The streets
The cops
The system
The options
Get shot
Go to jail
Or get ya ass kicked
The lawyers
The part
They are
Of the puzzle
The release
The warning
Try not to get in trouble
The snitches
The eyes
The new charge
The bail
The warrant
The hole
The cell
The bus
The ride
Up north
The greens
The boots
The yard
You caught
The fightin
The stabbin
The pullin
The grabbin
The wire that squired the captain
Nobody knows what happened
For 2 years in a box
The plots
The 23 hours thats lot
The 1 hour thats not
The silence
The dark
The mind
So fragile
The wish
That the streets
Would've took you
When they had you
The days
The months
The years
One night
On my knees
Here it comes
The prayer

They don't know
Who We Be
They don't know
Who We Be
They don't know
Who We Be
They don't know
Who We Be

This here is all about
My wife
My kids
The life
That I live
Through the night
I was his
It was right
What I did
My ups
And downs
My slips
My falls
My trails and tribulations
My heart
My balls
My mother
My father
I love em
I hate em
Wish God
I didn't have em
But I'm glad
That he made em
The roaches
The rats
The strays
The cats
The guns knives and bats
Everytime we scrap
The hustlin
The dealin
The robbin
The stealin
This shit
Hit the ceiling
Little boy
Wit no feelins
The frustration
Trapped inside a cage
The beatins til they age
The carrier 12 gage
Somebody stop me
Somebody come and get me
Little did I know
That the Lord
Was rydin wit me
The dark
The light
My heart
The fight
The wrong
The right
It's done

They don't know
Who We Be
They don't know
Who We Be
They don't know
Who We Be
They don't know
Who We Be
They don't know
Who We Be
Repeat till end

DMX talkin
Man listen
These muthafuckas don't know
Who we are
They don't know
They couldn't possibly fuckin know dog
That's from the heart

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