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Dogs For Life


ouvir : conectando
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Gotta have that.....uh,uh,uh

I will rob and steal witcha' , dog nigga what
ride till we die, on till it's up
thick like blood, where's my dogs ,uh, there's my dogs

Now who I am is who I'll be until I die, either accept it or don't fuck with it
but if we gon' be dogs then you stuck with it!
Let me go my way but walk with me
see what I see, watch me then, talk with me
Share my pain, make it a little easier to deal with it
cause despite all the fame YOU I'm a keep it real with it (true)!
Rob and steal withcha' dog nigga what
ride till we die, on till it's up
Love is love and I enjoy the love,
but when it's conflict then it destroys the love.
You can't toy with love, niggas take to the heart
you ain't gon' find too many niggas willing to, bark in the dark.(come on!)
Keep your head from the start, don't fuck it up now,
later on they be hit like, fuck it how??
You my dog and I die for you, keep it like that,
give me unconditional love, and I give it right back.

Most niggas make movies, but niggas like us make it happen'
the shit we used to do never thought we would make it rappin'
But now we here, at the same place at the same time,
and got jokes cause now niggas get it, with the same rhyme
Yeah niggas is living comfortable, cause life is all good
but one thing we must remember, is that life is all hood
And the casket's all wood and we all take there one day,(shit)
shit today is Sunday we both can be there on Monday
Life is funny like that, WHAT bug the fuck out
sometimes I take it to the church in terms of thug the fuck out
Niggas get dropped the fuck out they boots, violatin' families rules
motherfucker stay in your shoes
Now see what you need to do, is chill shorty
'body please come and get him before I, kill shorty
I will do for my niggas as they would do for me
bust a faggot like you for free

I'm always surrounded by dogs, for the love
only niggas I fuck wit is thugs nigga what
Blood in blood out ???? homes,???? homes
when we smoke them chromes, and how we broke them bones
While the last niggas is ass niggas
the skimask niggas to trash niggas they ass niggas pussy
And half you cats can't even flow
and when I hear y'all niggas around my head, well you know
But that's a whole 'nother issuse, right now we own this
we keep spittin' like this, how the FUCK we gon' miss?
Cause the camp is strong, and the stamp is strong
double love motherfucker keep the casketes flowing
You done got yourself, caught up in some shit you can't handle
and you know I can't stand you, you'r man too
This one time I'ma letta dog be a dog
but I'ma see you in the ringing when it's on then it's on

dog nigga what?
on till it's up
where's my dog?
uh,uh there's my dog


Gravadora: RAL (Rush Associated Label)
Faixa: 12

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