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We Go Hard


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[sample:] "didn't i fool ya baby? aww, didn't i fool ya?"
[cam] uhh, what's really good? x i'm in the buildin man, yea!
[sample:] "didn't i fool ya baby? aww, didn't i fool ya?"
[dmx] it's all, good, my, nigga
[cam] that's right, you know how we do dawg, "pull it"
[cam] y.o., harlem, we back part two man, dark man where you at?
[dmx] uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, uhhhh!!!

Let's set this shit off, start this shit right
It's goin down to-night!
Dawg off the leash, dawg walks with heat
Dawg stalks the streets, in new york to eat
How many times do i gotta come through (yea!)
Layin that thing down, puttin holes in you
You cats get it on the double, so stay the fuck
Out of my wayyyy, you don't want no trouble (c'mon!)
We travel double far, to bring you trouble god
We rollin double hard, yea nigga double r!
I don't know what you thought it was, but it's not
But i know that you caught the slugs, they was hot
Get the fuck off the block! (what?) there's no more room
For bitch niggaz (uhh) dawg i'm comin to get niggaz (yea!)
Lift niggaz, out they boots, dust it
Cause i don't just walk around with them things to bust it

Uhh, we go hard!
Never mind what a nigga say - we go hard!
We gon' play how we wanna play - we go hard!
Man we do this shit all day - we go hard!
Motherfucker! uhh, we go hard!
Never mind what a nigga say - we go hard!
We gon' play how we wanna play - we go hard!
Bitch, we do this shit all day - we go hard!

Yo, i leave jail smoothly, jump in the pale hooptie
Fuck the dick-suckin-ass nigga male groupies
Diplomats, you look at alliance, you shook in defiance
I'm cookin up coke, lookin for clients
I got the ak, sk, 40 cal
Scope red on your head still 40 thou' (40 thousand)
Worse than files of {?} turf burstin blaow
Give the church my child, ask to nurture thou
Cause i've seen the hearses now
But if this was gilligan's isle, thirstin howl, wow
Look at his kicks, they worth a thou'
Isn't it sad, do what i say and wish that you had
You michigan crabs, you stabbed you piss in a bag
Or worse than that, zipped in a bag
Broke to fractions, a division of math
From, hollywood, shittin on shaft, we go hard
Killa killa killa, killa uh uhh

X and killer cam, dark man x, once again - pull it!
Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, uhhhhhhh!

I just love how it's goin, cam, x flowin
(get at 'em dawg) i'm already knowin
Step lightly around dawg (yea!) i might be hittin town dawg (yea)
You really tryin to get down dawg?
Only thing i can do with pussy is fuck it
And i would tell you to suck my dick but you might suck it
See y'all niggaz the cat type (what?)
You still a baby get your ass wiped (what?)
Must i take a nigga's last stripe? (c'mon!)
Youse a bitch, now more bitch than a bitch
Still a bitch fuckin bitch, you been a bitch
Know how we do, run up, in a bitch
Peep the crib, run up, in it quick (yea!)
Everything breathin stops; only thing my niggaz is leavin
Is shots, you done got a nigga hot
Let me catch you on the block, bitch-ass niggaz is cowards
Done fucked around and dropped the soap in the shower (c'mon!)


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