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Cold World


ouvir : conectando
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[Adreena Mills]
Doesn't really get this cold in the summer
Doesn't really get this dark in the day
Boy they really turn their backs when you talking
When they lay somebody's else's head where you lay
Know that I ain't easy to be hard
I find it even harder to be easy
You know sometimes I close my eyes and I wonder
If I ever left how much you diss me
Yo somebody told me blood is thicker than water
If a man can say then he can recognize his own daughter
And if hell is below would you pay the price to go
Then I can make it to heaven for sure

[Hook - Adreena Mills]
This is a cold world, (what)
Cold world
We make it this way, but we don't like it this way
This is a cold world, (what)
Cold world
We make it this way, but we don't like it this way

Just don't know what they say what they talking
So I just let a nigga say what he feel
Walkin with the kid they gonn end up in the coffin
But I'ma say what I gotta say with this deal
Niggas hating you fly in the town
Might as well be charging while they hating
I'm a dog so I don't fuck with cats (nah!)
If they gon' have me living in this fake pen
It's about time I reacted (yeah!)
Look what you all did to this rap shit (what?)
Know a nigga is wrong, come on with the cat shit (come on!)
Wack shit, get niggas torn down slap quick
Bam ,bam ,bam go down that quick
Acting like the chauffeur’s gone
And I'm sayin' got mill with the ruthless one
It's 2 piece, if your faggot ass 2 persona
I go hard, no dog don't do it, too late it's done
Hold up, I'ma show you why a dog is the illest, killest
You might touch it, but you feel it (yeah!)
The realest nigga to ever do it, the realest nigga to ever do it
And y'all gon' bring me back to it
Y'all gon' make me lose my mind (yeah!)
Middle name is crime, came from crime
You thought I'ma change in time, niggas don't know me
But you been holdin something
You ain't got it? nigga show me

This is a cold world
Cold world
We make it this way, but we don't like it this way
This is a cold world
Cold world
We make it this way, but we don't like it this way

[Adreena Mills]
The tunnel looks bright up from behind but you gotta keep moving
Moving,moving because if life stops spinning in the right direction
You lose it, lose it, lose it ,lose it
See in the night, I pray to keep me breathing
To see another day to give them something to believe in
'Cause I know I won't waste me this way
When you tryin' hard to make a change.

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