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Do you feel that I'm feeling?
Do, do you feel that I’m being free
And I'm thinking free?
Do, do—
I actually don't think you’re thinking anything

Baby, we're gonna try and see (Conductor)
If we're still here
(Conductor, Conductor, Conductor)

Ayo, I'm drinkin' Pérignon out of Pyrexes (Ah, Allah)
They can't fuck with me, Allah (Ayo, ayo)
I'm drinkin' Pérignon out of Pyrexes (Ah)
I rebirth the fuck out these niggas
I’m drinkin’ Pérignon out of Pyrexes (FLYGOD)
Puttin' holes and stains on these niggas (Ah)
I’m drinkin' Pérignon out of Pyrexes (Brrt)

Ayo, bullets hangin' over, word to Jesus, Mary, Joseph (Doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot)
Moses sandals, Valentino camo with the eagles posin' (Ah)
Posted by the samples, fiends trample
"West, you got that Van Gogh with the stamp, yo?"
Extra-extra hot from Nando’s, Dadas with the five-panel
Prada bucket with the triangle (Ah)
Hung the nigga, his Supreme fives dangle, my eyes lay low
Low-top Fear of Gods with the drawstrings, please
If you could cook one or two when I shop, by all means
Ayo, back-to-back Bentaygas (Skrrt), rockin' flavors, jewelry on me major
Name one greater, city full of neighbors, but they seem like strangers (Ah)
Shoot him now, we meet in Vegas (Brrt), hundred shots to drop him painless (Brrt)
Hundred pots we watch, so say less, Mama used to shop at Payless
Tucked it up, that's just the dangers, bakin' soda used for yay
Come fuckin' with me, nigga, say what? Adam Cole was fightin' Bálor (Ah)
Dapper Dan, my Gucci tailored, Balmain ankle traced to sailors
Fuck the cops, you niggas failures (Fuck the police), funerals to sing to Hell
Yeah, I don't even gotta tell you (Uh-uh, doot, doot)
(Doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot)

Ayo, I'm drinkin' Pérignon out of Pyrexes (Ah)
I love symmetry, so I broke his face in half
I'm drinkin' Pérignon out of Pyrexes (Ah)
The WatchTV on all over the lab
Most villainous, my city is the deadliest
I'm drinkin' Pérignon out of Pyrexes
New York City notorious like the Congo
Machete to his neck like I work for El Chapo
Torch your house down while you and your family asleep
Put you out your sorrow, just call me Plum Pyro

Well, the thing about being the very best is
If, if you ever start in your own mind to say you're not the one
If you're not the very best in your own mind
Then you're gonna be a loser in the ring
There's nothing personal with the Road Warriors
This doesn't mean there's dissension within the Legion of Doom?
No, this is a business, man, I'm in here for money


Gravadora: Griselda Records
Faixa: 13

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