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Westside Gunn

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Brr, ayo
Brr, ayo

Ayo, the marvelous (The marvelous, ah), the gorgeous (The gorgeous, ah)
Twin Porsches (Twin Porsches, skrrt), the exalted (The exalted)
The archer (The archer), Prada parka with the shotgun
Every time the wind blow, I wanna pop somethin' (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
You never shot nothin' (Uh-uh, ah), imagine my vision
I had the Linda Farrows tinted, Pérignon washin' my Hell's chicken (Ah)
Over stoves, ambitions (Whip)
I'm from the same streets as Bust-a-Brick Nick and this wrist ridiculous (Ah)
Fifteen hundred on the kicks and them shits feo (Them shits feo)
Cookie or mayo jar, Jose Canseco (Jose Canseco, brr)
Jose Canseco (Brr, Jose Canseco)
Jose Canseco (Jose Canseco, brr, brr, brr)
Jose Canseco (Jose Canseco, brr)
Jose Canseco (Brr)
Ayo, born a god, rockin' Human Made (Rockin' Human Made)
Double up to a Geiger, sharpshooter aim, my third house in my cougar name
My lil' niggas still shoot for fame (Doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot)
Moms don't work, pops skated, you don't know the pain (You don't know the pain)
Heron Preston rain jumper, don't know the rain (Don't know the rain)
What we do for stain, Pyrex souvenirs, maneuver 'caine (Ah)
Kerry James in the dope spot (In the dope spot)
Handed purple tops out the door knob

Wow, uh

In a Tesla swervin' (Swervin' on these niggas)
Talkin' to my man, he said the last batch that came in was worthless
I told him, "Nah, when it cook like that is just a bit of a burden (That's it)
Just drop the price a couple points and keep servin'"
Red velvet Louis jacket, I'm Ron Burgundy
See the heat comin' off the hundreds, the money burnin' (We hot)
These labels still jerkin'
I heard your deal came with a hundred thousand and some Jergens (Damn)
These fake boss niggas is really workers
I follow the bricks, I seen the wizard behind the curtain (I seen it)
They talk big 'til we catch 'em in person
They talk big 'til we shoot they Suburban (Brr, bah, bah)
Me and Emeril Lagasse should be the next Verzuz
Two stoves side by side, I bet I work him (I bet I work him)
I turned my granddaddy church parkin' lot to a Church's Chicken (Woo)
Take the braids out, let the hair hang like Mr. Perfect shit
They owe some streaming money, but I ain't hurtin'
I told my young nigga how much, he said, "I woulda murked 'em" (Haha)
Big homie fresh home drinkin' coffee out the Keurig (Yo)
A hundred and forty-four months ain't break his spirit (He walked it)
He jumped back in, I told him it's different, I tried to prepare him
He good, he a old, brave nigga, he Hank Aaron (Woo)
Forgiatos on the McLaren
Young, rich, and arrogant, is you hearin' this? (You hear me, nigga?)
Over the stove, bangin' Pray for Paris
I think the UFOs dropped the top blocks on the pyramids (That's just me)
It's a method to the madness, everything is math (It's all math)
You know you kill the foundation, everything collapse
Everything is stamped, everything is wrapped
If the feds ask you 'bout me, tell 'em everything is cap (Big cap)
Jose Canseco (Ha)
Jose Canseco (Jose Canseco)
This that up three, "Burt & State" flow
Jose Canseco (Jose Canseco)
Young nigga out the GT with the Draco (Brr, bah, bah, bah, bah)
Jose Canseco (Jose Canseco)

For them to think that they could be in the same ring with me is, wow, you know that is—
Don't put words in my mouth, man, I can handle myself out here
Yeah, but I won't, no, no, no (That a shoot?)
That's a shoot, brother, that is one thousand percent, yeah
'Cause the time has come


Gravadora: Griselda Records
Faixa: 3

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