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Ayo, Comme des Garçons the only heart I got (Ah)
Glock in the Denim Tears, eight ball in my sock
I had no fear, I'm the illest nigga ever walked in Cactus Plant Flea Market
He tried to walk, we chopped his feet off him
Left his brains hangin' for a peace offerin' (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
Yo, wait, I bench press, then bust the duct tape, gave it swim lessons
Rubbed the Pyrex, took my second wish, I been savage
Trend settin', Wide Project trench with the twin 'rettas (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
Bottega Veneta (Bottega Veneta)
I got the bomb, baby, I got the bomb (Ah)
Send squads to the roof, Vans on, I put money on your head, but I'm hands on (Boom, boom, boom)
My shooter poppin' wheelies in Supreme-Vansons
Hand-to-hand 'til the grams gone (Ah)
The homie say I'm brazy, my Spanish bitch call me loco
Coco Chanel with the four-four, the high tops with the motos
You ever shot a whole block solo? Presidential Ro-Ro (Brr, brr)
The FN shells crackin' ribs like Cotto (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, yo, ah)

Ayo, it's the A-R-M-A-N-I Caesar, Leo (Woo)
The flow is frío, so dope, could sell it by the kilo (Yeah)
Tell 'em I want the smoke like I'm runnin' hot (Hah)
Couldn't wait to see how I was comin' like a money shot (Come on)
Bitches starstruck (Uh-huh), these niggas, they all lust (What's up?)
I come through, fuck up they swagger, they all stuck (Haha)
They give me props 'cause I'm pretty and bossed up (Uh-huh)
Run the city like I'm Diddy, the hustle is all Puff (Uh-huh, take that)
On they neck, niggas, I'm up next (Huh), really, I'm a vet (Come on)
Cut the check, wanna talk or text? Gon' be cash or check (What's up?)
Strip, rap, move a lil' dope, oh, she trap-trap (Oh shit)
Cookin' up, sendin' brick money through the CashApp (Ah-ha)
I'm back-back, in my bag-bag (Hah), bitches mad-mad (Let's go)
Stack full of dubs, lil' boy, that's what I laugh at (Ah-ha, hahaha)
Major cheese, major V's (Ooh)
Whippin' hoes in line, call me Major Cease (Come on)
I be gettin' this money, talkin' major cheese (What else?)
Model type, lookin' right, no agencies (Hah, you see it)
DMs full of niggas wantin' dates with me (Uh-uh)
But it's money over niggas, I take paper, please (Hah)
Like Britney Spears, oops, I did it again (I did it again)
Shittin' on the very ones that ain't want me to win, fuck 'em (Uh-huh)
It's like I never got the joke, I'm always last laughin' (Haha)
Armani here to stay, you bitches fast fashion


Gravadora: Griselda Records
Faixa: 6

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