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They say I've calmed down since the last album,
Well, lick my dick, how does that sound um?
Smell my gooch, you could kiss my buns,
And I don't give a shit, bend my rectum,
Somebody said bands make her dance,
You think you're getting cash, no bitch, you're dumb,
The only thing that you're gonna get is this dick,
Wait turn this up, bitch, this my jam,
(Where the drums at?)
Here, take a goddamn picture,
And tell Spike Lee he's a goddamn nigger,
And while your radical still ..
In fact, get an Xbox live at fun,
Before I come, I'll call your sister,
When she comes over, I take picture,
Instantly put it on Instagram
and suplex her off a building a fired bun.

Why y'all so salty,
My tamale is on,
And can I bring the chamoy,
Your boy is bad to the bone.

Bring back the horns that was played in the beginning,
And tell Tony Parker that I found his vision,
And if he's tripping off my sneak dissing,
Then he has to deal with me and my minions,
Tryin to get a bimmer, E46,
Have you heard 48, motherf*cka I'm great,
Golf Wang prints always cover the sleeves,
From cuts from the beach, to these puff in the trees, please,
Fuck I look like? Got a new bike tire,
Never popped like the pussy on a bitch dyke,
Think I give a fuck, I do, I go balls,
And I bust in her jaw like (F*ck that disease!)
My urethra, hole that I pee from,
Bigger than a old B snapped on a..
When I turn that snare down,
Find More lyrics at
I'm back like I'm Rosa Parks fare on the same damn bus,
Like you're going to jail now!

Why y'all so salty,
My tamale is on,
And can I bring the chamoy,
Your boy is bad to the bone.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?
If a woodchuck could ever give a f*ck?
Bitch suck dick, motherf*ck you and your opinions,
(Can you kick it?)
Yes I can sir, with a lump..
Sicker than the last bar balder on a ..
Colorado f*ck Michael bitch I' my bio
Find me a lunch trying to dance girl kimo
before we reposes our strong unbonds and tuxedos.

... na na na na na na na
Golf Wang, Golf Wang, go f*ck you, na na na na na
Why y'all so salty,
My tamale is on,
And can I bring the chamoy,
Your boy is bad to the bone.

How many fags can I like taht school
Well if I has a dick, they be two's and sixes,
I'll be in my ram I just lose my shit,
I'll shoot through wing.. hair with a crucifix,
How many ladies in the house?
How many ladies in the house without a rich nigga, huh?
A little Jergins in my palm for the jerkin',
Hope my Mom don't catch me, tryna set mood,
Little Redtube, fuck lotion, I don't need lube, dryfit suits me,
Up and down, friction nigga sound, shit's kind of disgusting,
Fap time and before I flatline,
Clancy chimes in my room and catch me,
This shit's so damn embarrassing like..


Gravadora: Odd Future
Faixa: 17

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