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Knock knock motherfucks it's me Mr. Clusterfuck
What, when, where, how, like who gives a fuck?
Golf Wang, MOB, mobbing niggas ante up
Ain't been this fucking sick since brain cancer ate my granny up
Rest in peace or lie in it, life ain't got no light in it
Darker than that closet that nigga Franky was hiding in
Open it, dopein' it, Bobby where's my fucking pipe?
Trust my little dick is..., twenty says I hit your wife
This is life, truthfully I just want to fly some kites
Grab Salem and Slater, we'll go around, riding bikes
Get some icecream,Golf Wang rascals toward the night
To skate around and do annoying shit that older peeps despise
Nigga fuck it though, going hard as rigga' mo'
Got a nigga dollars and a couple crackers kids at shows
Cracked a couple kids in the head with this cast
Had a blast out in Europe, had a Swedish bitch licking toes
That's how it goes, designing clothes,
Cats on everything, cats on everything
You think all this money will make a happy me?
But I'm about as lonely as crackers that supermodels eat
Everybody's sparking but me and I keep coughing
Can't keep calm in this spot hot box and I get nauseous
Hop in the car and write a song as I'm heading straight to the office
Pissed at Jasper cause of some faggot shit called "Pink Dolphin".

I roll here on a mean unicorn
Green hat, vans, Golf top is the team uniform
Damned like a priest so I'm tying my bandana up
Something like a les, I'm forgetting my damn manners, cause
I am the cowboy on my own trip
And I am the cowboy on my own trip
And I am the cowboy on my own trip
And I am the cowboy on my own trip

When you're alone thoughts start coming in
Punching in that dark lock box and they start rummaging
Shit you got a battle with, wishing ya' could skedaddle
It makes your shadow say none, fuck it grab the gun again
I needed to get out of the house,
So I hit the dead... we went biking, get out
In a black hoodie,with a Arizona and a bag of skittles
Just to see what all that fucking hype is about
Now everytime you see a roach you think of me, eh?
Because everytime I see one I think what his parents would say
In court saying I ate him, I wasn't present that day
I was with Whitney smoking, sitting at the dock in the bay.

I am the cowboy on my own trip
And I am the cowboy on my own trip
And I am the cowboy on my own trip
And I am the cowboy on my own trip

Do you know how weird it is knowing I make a bunch of Cheese
While my friends can't afford little pizzas from little ceasers
And their whole goal is to roll up and smoke bowls
So I don't feel bad when they not eating!
(But you still treating us you punk bitch)
Wolf Hayley got more methods than P!nk
I'm never simple civil Fuck Lincoln
'Preme out the bag it's no wrinkles
I'm okie dokie and loopy
And booboo nana and kaka
If you think I'm fucking coocoo,
Try talking to my shrink then!

Hey, hey bith
I'm right here
Yo who's that?
Thats Salem
That's my girlfriend!
You stay the fuck away from her alright?

I am the cowboy on my own trip
And I am the cowboy on my own trip
And I am the cowboy on my own trip
And I am the cowboy on my own trip


Gravadora: Odd Future
Faixa: 3

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