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[Intro: Dr. TC]
So, what's going on, Wolf? Talk to me, man. People worry, we hear stories about you getting into fights and all this unnecessary bullshit. What's on your mind? Talk to me, I'm here

[Hook: Tyler, The Creator]
Domo roll another one, I'm just fuckin' with you I ain't smokin' none
My squad bring terror, no intended pun
Merch booth made niggas extensive funds
Momma got the Rover with the Range
She don't ever ever gotta struggle, not again
And I put that on my dead grandmama's name... Too soon

[Verse 1: Tyler, The Creator]
My nigga Slater, yeah that's my little pony
Little homies is repping like I been fucking with Kony
Nigga Phillip and Kobi, to my niggas that know me
Ya boy seem happy as fuck but truthfully ya boy lonely
Niggas a target for marketing, he's an artist
Can't even walk into Target without bothering customers bothering
Asking me for a picture, can I talk to they sister
Naw nigga, get lost, you're fucking smothering
God I wanna quit, but I can't
Cause mother and sister can't pay the rent
Four stories with storage, I'm 21 with a mortgage
And touring's paying the bills, life is paying for thrills
Lifes' a bitch bruh but from the third floor man, she's gorgeous
A year ago I was broke, now how can I afford this?
I started off with disposables, now I have an assortment
And I'm using these negatives to develop a portrait
Now the frame is a pain in the ass to get it in
Without a scratch or stain on the glass, but that's not important
Just as long as it's printed, and I hinted it is
And when I get it I'll make sure you get a copy, bitch
Shit I'll even add a signature with the fuckin' pic-ature
I'll even tell you the film I used, and the aperture


[Verse 2: Tyler, The Creator]
Grandmother died, didn't cry not a tear
Not gonna lie, fucking weird no water dripped out the eye
But when I got the news, yup it left your boy stuck
Cause when my mom dipped out, she was the one that gave me a fuck
Mom calling and calling, I'm on my way to a show
I answer, she crying, saying Sadie is dying
The doc said she only had a week for us to speak
Before she deceased, cause cancer was just eating her cheeks up
Fuck, nah this is really awkward for me, bruh
I hang the phone up, and adjust my seat back
And started to think, like, "What the fuck just happened?"
I never had a death and I just seen her a week ago
Meet them at the hospital I should
In between the set of BADBADNOTGOOD
Lionel asked what happened I said it's bad bad, not good
Just take me to the Cedars-Sinai off of Oakwood
Getting there, family sitting center chair
Awkward in the lobby, it was floating in the thinning air
Getting there, need a sticker saying how I got in there, there's a room
Open up the curtain, she's just sitting there, hello
Our conversation's brief, couldn't even make eye contact when we speak
Lookin' at her you could tell all she had was weak
And I'm not talkin' days bruh, I'm talkin' 'bout her strength
I sat there 20 minutes tops, hoping it was just a fucking plea that she could cop
She died that night

Dr. TC: Oh, that's heavy man, I'm sorry for your loss
Tyler: Yeah, whatever, don't worry about it...
Dr. TC: Last time I seen Sammy, he was lookin' for you
Tyler: Fuck that nigga Samuel
Dr. TC: Uhh, have you seen him?
Tyler: Nah, but if I seen that nigga I woulda killed him


Gravadora: Odd Future
Faixa: 18

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